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Grace and Gratitude

Maharaji, Shri Sant Yogashram, New Delhi
Vaishakhi Celebrations
13th April, 1992
(Public Program)

Maharaji gave the following satsang in front of about 30,000 Indian devotees, and about 2,000 western 'students'. Maharaji gave his address in Hindi during a 'Public Program', and was simultaneously translated in a dozen of different languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German.

Really there appears to be a store of unhappiness and sorrow in man. How much unrest and agony he feels in his life! On the one hand there are all his problems, all his reasons, his entire world full of good and bad things, and whatever comes to his mind -- in sorrow and happiness -- all that is laden on his shoulders. I mean, nothing is left which is not available in his world. Yet, due to the darkness of ignorance, of unawareness, he wanders aimlessly. What is his ignorance? His greatest ignorance is that he is not aware of that beautiful thing which has been put within him by the Creator! His ignorance is that when the time comes for anything to become the cause of his sorrow, he forgets the fact that in reality his Creator, that power, that grace is still there with him as usual.

Man's own world

For instance, once I was making a video film and I was reading a few lines from a voluminous book for that video. There was a quote in it from the Gita, in which Lord Krishn says to Arjun -- and I think that it is relevant to every human-being. He says: "However deep and profound your sorrow and your ignorance may be, how much darkness may overshadow you in your life, I will never leave you alone." And when I read it that regardless of how much deep the darkness besieges a man, how much restlessness and ignorance there may be in him, the Creator, that Merciful Lord in his fathomless grace never forsakes him. I just realized that this is the first thing we usually forget and indulge ourselves in our worldly pursuits. Being oppressed by our miseries, we don't remember this fact that how many graces have been bestowed upon us! Man makes his own world through his ambitions, thoughts and fantasies. But if someone tries to make his house of sand on the seashore, what is the utility of it? Because the waves of the sea will come and destroy it within a few moments. This is the nature of the sea. Shakespeare has also said that "This human life is just like a wheel, and happiness and sorrow take their turns in it -they just rotate one after the other. They come and go back and forth consecutively. So, this wheel is turning." We all are within the ambit of this wheel. There is nobody who has got any respite from it. And when sorrow comes, we forget altogether that the Creator has provided us this human body, this life -- I mean, everything. How much grace He has bestowed upon us! And we even ignore that supreme grace that has been showered upon us by someone (our Living Master) who has shown us the true path (of Knowledge). Actually, that is what is called 'the rescue'. As has been said:

"I was being carried away in the tide of society and scriptures.
But the
Sadguru came and rescued me and gave me the lamp of Knowledge."

Because everywhere there is this darkness -- the deep darkness which overshadows the world created by man for his own self. I am not talking about this world, but the imaginary world created by man. Every human being has his own world and in that world he has created everything -- made a house in his imagination and collected all sorts of facilities for himself, just like a child who while playing makes a tiny house with the sand on the beach. After making it, he is very proud of it. It seems as if he has forgotten everything while sitting there. In his play he is not aware of anything around him, and goes on digging and collecting the sand. He makes his own small house. And he is proud of it as well. If anybody comes to him, he says, "Look, how beautiful my house is! How nice my house is! I have made it." He calls his parents and says, "Look, what have I made!" And in that play, he tries his best and takes great pains to make it. Many a time his house collapses. He again builds it. He fetches water and mixes it in the sand, and builds the house again. When the house gets ready, he looks at it with great pride. But how could he know that when he falls sleep or leaves that place, the waves of sea will come again. And when the waves come, they will sweep it away or turn it into the sand again, and nothing will be left of it.

Look, that is why it is called Maya (illusion). This world is called 'Maya'. Why is it called Maya ? Because whatever things are there in this world -- I mean, nothing is real. First of all, in the beginning, it appears as if it would give you happiness. But any one can vouchsafe that the thing which was once supposed to give you happiness, would prove to be the bane of your existence. Because it is the nature of things in this world. This is their inherent nature. What can you do ? It's just nature . . . That is why, it is called Maya. It seems as if it were meant to provide you happiness, and you get attached to it, but the same thing one day or the other would definitely give you sorrow! Thus, this entire garden of frustrations, darkness and ignorance has been sown by the man for himself. He has sown it by his own hands. Nobody else sows it for him. Because if he so aspires and really desires from the bottom of his heart, he can even get that thing (Knowledge) in his life, and he can find such a giver (the Master) who can replace all his frustrations with hope, and the darkness with light. As has been said:

"I was drifting . . "

Where was I drifting? This whole world, this 'Maya' has been characterized as a river and I was drifting in that river of Maya:

"I was being carried away in the tide of the society and scriptures."

I was caught up with all those things of the world. Because you can see anywhere in this world today that people are mostly concerned about the opinion of other people. Everybody usually talks about others, "Oh, what will others say about me? What will they think about me?" Whatever a man does he does that after a careful consideration of other people's judgment about him -- the dress he puts on, the job he finds, the family he raises, where does he live, what he does, what he doesn't do, how does he look like, whether he is jolly or not -- in all his bearings, there is always this bug in his mind, "Oh, what would people think? Whatever clothes I have put on, if they will see me in them, what people think about me? Oh, I am wearing these dirty clothes, if some acquaintance of mine finds me in them, what will they think about me? Therefore, I should be well dressed." What is the standard of my job and my family -- I mean, behind all these things there is that bug of society: "What would people say?" In addition to this inhibition there are all these distinctions among people, and envy, hatred, jealousy which adversely affect the human beings are there due to this society. Everybody knows that they should not be jealous. We all know that we should refrain from anger and jealousy but still man becomes their victim. And he himself is the cause of all these things. By his own doings. It is not the doing of anybody else. He himself is responsible for his own choice. Though he prays to God, "Oh God, please save me from this calamity," but who is responsible for that calamity which is besieging you? Who had sown its seeds? Neither your father, nor your grand-father sowed them, nobody else did it. Those seeds were sown by you yourself -- each and every one of them.

If you say to anybody about this, he won't be ready to accept it easily. Because nobody wants to accept that all his troubles, all his problems are actually created by him. "Oh, how can it be possible that all these problems are my own creation?" But if you have not sown them, then who else has sown them? People blame God, the Creator, "Oh, what did you do?" But the Creator has given us these hands, this intellect and these eyes, and if a person having these eyes, walks blindly -- after closing them, then what will the Creator do? He has given you the instinct and method to open or close your eyes, but what method do we follow? As has been said:

"This whole world is blind... "

I mean, this is what we have to understand. It is not an ordinary thing which has been spoken by the saints. Some people assume, "Well, the saints have said this because they felt that the world is blind but actually it is not so." It has been said in a song:

"How can the blind lead the blind?"

That was this song which you were just listening to -

"My Master has taught me the brokerage of gems . . ."

And there is one line in that song:

"How the blind can lead the blind!"

This is a unique syndrome prevalent in this world that usually the blind follows and tags along the blind. That is why both of them drown each other. If a blind man walks with another blind man, who will find the way? Hey, at least someone should be there who has the eyes, who can see! Just think about it -- how can a blind person recognize those who are also blind? This is the problem with the blind man. He cannot see that somebody else has the eyes. Actually he who has the eyes can see, 'This is blind, this is blind, this is blind and this is blind." But there is so much over abundance of blind men in this world that when anyone goes out to find a guide, he usually comes across a blind man. He does not need a person with the eyes, because a person who has eyes while talking to him would instantly tell him, "Oh, you are blind." And it will hurt him, it will wound his ego. He won't like it.

There are people, they are well-educated. A person with education means that he understands something. He is regarded as an 'educated man.' He is deemed to be sensible and wise. But nowadays, the educated persons are worse than blind. Look, there is that type of an educated person who obtains a degree, gets his photo taken, and hangs it up in his house proudly. He shows his certificate to his friends. "Look, I have passed the examination and now I have got a degree." If you go and try to talk to him, that is not possible. Nobody can dare talk to him. He is so much puffed up with pride and thinks that he knows everything. There is nothing unknown to him. Because he has attained a degree! He is highly educated, so he understands everything. And there are people like Einstein who had said -- 'The more you learn, the more you research, the more you discover, the more you will find how little you know.' So there are persons like him who think with an open mind that there is something more to learn. Yes, there is yet something else to know. Maybe there are other sorts of eyes, it is just possible. That is why somebody has said:

"This world is blind."

So, there is a possibility that it may be true. Maybe it is correct that this world is really blind. And there are those educated persons who say, "Well, it has been written cursorily. You know and I also know this as well, how this world can be blind?" There are people who feel very proud of whatever the -man has achieved, whatever he has created, whatever he has invented and made in this world. Human beings proudly describe the things they have made: "See, we have erected this. The electricity is available now. Here is the light. There is that microphone. Just see, that fan has been made. It is we who have done all this. It is the human being who has wrought this miracle."

This whimsical mind!

Once I was talking to somebody, I asked him, "You just tell me what the society has given to man for which he is ready to cut his own throat, is ready to die, is ready to kill others and is ready even to destroy his whole life?" I mean? he survives for the society, dies for it and is always worried about... Actually he should be worried only about something else, as has been said:

"A devotee does not worry about anything, except the experience of Knowledge."

But what does he worry about? "What would the world say?" I said, "What has this society given to man?" I got the reply, "Well, how can you say like this? Look," he added, "You are fond of having watches?" I said, "Yes." Then he said, "These watches have been made by the society." I said, all right. We take it for granted that the society has made the watches. But has it also stipulated why we should utilize them or wear them? I mean, this idea is just like, "We should require a special kind of sandals to move in the ashram." Do you under-stand? Now, if Deepak or Ved Prakash likes this idea that we should need a special kind of sandals to walk in the ashram, and makes it a rule that all must have a particular kind of sandals and also opens a shop to sell those Chappals. Then what type of rule would it be called? I mean, he himself made the rule that there should be a special kind of sandal and himself opened a shop to sell it. The same thing has been done by the society. The society has given the mandate to everyone in this world that you should be like this, you should do this, you should do that, and you should live like that. It is the society which has made all these rules. The rules which are not written in any book, but are the rules of the society itself. And the rules of the society are very rigid. Oh, you can at least argue with a policeman, but there is no such official of society with whom you can talk or explain your position. Who is the police officer of the society? There is a person who helps in implementing the laws but there is no king to approach in the society. This society haunts our minds just like a ghost.

So, what I mean to say is that anyone with an open eye can feel that really this world is blind. Every single thing the man is proud of, that he has created or built, is proving to the cause of his downfall. There was a time when people used to ride on horses. I give this example in foreign countries. And there was a time they used to travel on foot. As they used to walk on foot, someone had an idea, "Well, this horse runs faster, so we should ride on it; then we too can go with the same speed the horse runs.'' Therefore, man started to rear horses and began to ride on them. Then again somebody came up with the idea, "Oh, why should we ride on the horse, let us have a buggy." And thus buggies were built which were drawn by horses. People are sitting in the buggy, are travelling in it. Some people are going in one direction and others are going in other directions. As has been said:

"The mind moves whimsically in all directions."

I mean, these are the traits of the mind. Whatever it imagines, man tries to fulfil it. And as soon as that fantasy is fulfilled, it is the nature of the mind that it immediately creates a new one. And again it instigates the man, "Now, you fulfil this also." And the moment that is accomplished what does the mind do? It makes yet another one -- a little bigger, a little larger than the previous one. And it goes on playing this game with man. Just like that horse who drives a tonga. They put blinkers on his eyes so that he may not see right or left, but can only see straight. The mind also does the same thing with man. It manipulates him in such a way that he can neither see to this direction nor to that direction, but can see in the direction it wants him to see. That's all. And all that he does is to fulfil the ideas and ambitions of his mind, because -

"The mind moves whimsically in all directions."

See, what has happened with the man? Then again a thought cropped up in the mind of someone, "Now, let us make a carriage without horse." Therefore man engaged himself in making such a carriage which may move without the horse. And I tell you the truth that when people in foreign countries started to give such advertisements about 'the carriage without horse,' they used to say in those days, "Who will purchase such a carriage? The carriage which has no horses, who is going to purchase it?" But they were wrong who said like this. In one sense they might be called sensible also. Anyway, slowly and gradually, like the man who was after the horse and after that buggy, another one was successful in inventing these motor cars which are driven without horses. But still he is not inactive. So many years have passed, but he still endeavors to make better and still better cars. And then came a time that man had a desire to fly like a bird. He said, if I start to fly like a bird, it would take very little time to reach from one place to another. Again I am reminding you the same line of that song:

"The mind moves whimsically in all directions."

So, this is the tendency of the mind. And ultimately man was able to manufacture an airplane as well. In the beginning, the airplane had a piston engine as we used in the car. And there were also propeller affixed in it. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not. I mean, people could not even understand the utility of the airplane.

So, they started to carry mail in it from one place to another. Then slowly and gradually, big airplanes were manufactured. People made such big airplanes which were beyond imagination. And still man has the ambition to make more gigantic airplanes. He is still busy in making twice as big as they are at present. It is another whim of this human mind. And what is that whim? Just try to understand the facts. First of all, where was he supposed to go? To that place where he could easily go on foot. That was his destination. Beyond that he had no ambition to go anywhere else. Somebody used to go to his relatives, or some other place where he had his shop. That's all. And he was fully content with that. After that, he caught hold of a horse and started riding on it up to the point the horse could carry him and his mind allowed him to proceed. And then when he made the car, his mind started running faster searching for new avenues. Then he made the airplane and his mind started running with much greater speed in all directions.

So, whoever said this, even he might be not aware of the fact that it would occur exactly as he had foretold. But he did say-

"The mind moves whimsically in all directions."

And what sort of whim has spurred it? That man has to reach the moon, now. And what would he achieve there? Does his uncle or brother or any relative live there? After all who lives there with whom he would like to meet? And what would he accomplish? Nothing at all.

Actually man found nothing when he reached there. Because there is nothing worth having. Some people say, "There is milk. There is cheese." But there is only sand and stones. Nothing else. But there are some people like that Jaat (a farmer clan in India). There is a story about him. When he heard that they are flying to the moon, he said, "Okay, people have started to go to the moon, so they will take their armies too. And then there will be a war there and those who will be killed, will fall down on the earth upon us!" That was his understanding. But man found nothing after reaching there. So, now what sort of a whim is instigating him? That he should go farther than that. Do you think this mind would stop at any point? Never. This is a never-ending story. But look, what happened with man? He made a carriage. And when it was made, he had to construct roads for them. After that more carriages were made and then bigger and wider roads had to be constructed. In America and other foreign countries, there are very large roads having six lanes -- three lanes on one side and three lanes on the other. There are even such roads having four lanes on each side for incoming and outgoing traffic. And there is no red or green light anywhere. They are called "free ways" and they go on and on for hundreds of miles.

But what happened? These modern roads were constructed. Modern cars were also made in which all kinds of facilities were provided for man. If he wants to listen to music, there is a radio; and there is a television also if he wants to watch it. In his car there is a provision of telephone also. He can ring up anyone from the car. And there are air-conditioning, heaters, I mean, everything is there in that car. And why did he make the car? Why did he make it? So that he can move faster than the horse. But today, what will you find? That you can go faster by the horse rather than that car on the same free way! There are so many people having these cars that there are always traffic jams on the road. The car which is supposed to run at the speed of 50 miles or 60 miles per hour, that is moving hardly at the speed of two miles per hour. I mean, you can go faster on foot than those cars. I often see people. There is somebody going on foot. An old man is jogging on the road. Because it is time for his exercise in the morning. And he goes far ahead of the car. And the car is standing still. And he has already covered a long distance on foot. It makes me laugh. And why? Because this is what mind does. And man does not know that his mind has turned him into such a dog who runs around in a circle, chasing his own tail. When I state these facts, people start arguing: "Well, had there been no electricity, how would you have conducted this program?" I tell them, "Oh, I would have done it very splendidly, very comfortably because I could do it during the day time. Am I bound to do it at night?" I mean, this is very simple. People say, "If the electricity would not have been invented by man, you could never have used this microphone. And you could not have been able to address so many people". But I could have addressed people in smaller groups -- a small number at a time. I can speak to this large gathering too. What does it matter to me? I mean, people don't understand the reality and just begin to surmise: "Because this had happened, that had happened yesterday, so that is why this has happened now."

Grace and gratitude

People think that today we have got so many modern gadgets and technology, so we should be happy. There should be peace in our hearts. But you tell me, "Is it there?" Where is the peace in man's heart? Where is that satisfaction, that contentment in his heart? That's why the man is drifting, he has lost his bearing.

And I give you an example of two persons. Both of them are lost somewhere. You just tell me whose condition is worse? There is that man who is lost, but he knows that he is lost. And there is another one who is also lost, but he does not know that he is lost. Whose condition is more precarious? That person who is lost and knows that he is lost, at least he will try to return back on the right track. But the person who is going on complacently without knowing that he is actually lost, will have to face a lot of trouble in the long run. Because the longer he goes without any inkling that he is lost, the more he would deviate from his destination, and he will have to cover that much extra distance in-order to reach where he wants to go. And it is also possible that he might go astray so far that he could never be able to return back to his destination. The former one can stop at a place and stay there but the latter is still going on his wrong journey. So, what I want to make you understand is that people are drifting in the river of Maya of sorrow in this world. It does not matter whether man has invented electricity or whatever achievements he has made. The point here is of this unrest. If man is restless despite all these modern facilities -- or without them, then what is that thing which can pacify man and give him peace? And he needs it. But what is it?

So, we have been given this body. It is also regarded as a 'grace.' And we accept that it is a prodigious achievement. We have got this breath, this life too. This is a superb grace as well. We do concede that it is one of the foremost graces. But according to my experience, the greatest grace of all is, when someone shows us the true way:

"The Master bestowed upon me the lamp
And revealed the truth to me."

Do you understand? When he gave me the lamp, the darkness was dispelled within the twinkling of an eye. So, the boundless grace has been showered upon me by my Teacher, my Master. Otherwise what would have happened to this life? Where would it have been? In what things would it have been involved! I am telling you the fact. I don't know, where it would be. What it would have been. What would I have been thinking of? What would I have been listening to? What would I understand? As there are these camels, they go in circles while moving the Persian wheel around the well. Their eyes are closed, and they continue moving in a circle. The camel would be thinking, "Oh, I might have covered such a long distance! Who knows where I have reached now. I have traveled much far. I don't know, probably there would be green grass everywhere! Because I have covered really a great distance. It would be very nice everywhere. The place where I was before, was like a desert. Now, I have traveled the whole day long, so I might have reached a really beautiful place!" He might be visualizing so many things by his mind's eye. But when his eyes are opened, what will he find? He will find himself at the same place. He will find that he did not go anywhere at all.

The same thing happens with a human being also. He wanders in his imaginations and thoughts all the time. Perhaps he would be thinking, "Where have I reached?" The same case is with me too. I know very well that it is very easy to get lost in this world. But when my Master gave me this Knowledge, I did not know how much grace he has bestowed upon me. I actually did not realize what a grace has been showered upon me. But now as the days are passing and as I experience this Knowledge, this bliss, I have the feeling in my heart, how my Master really saved me from this illusory world. I can say nothing more. Actually he rescued me in the real sense. How much grace was bestowed upon me! Because it takes no time to get lost in the maze of this world.

This is such a world in which there is darkness everywhere.

And that darkness devours a man. It runs after man to eat him up. And man loses his wits. He becomes heartless. He does not listen to his heart. He loses his intellect and becomes crazy. He is unable to listen to the call of his heart. But what my Master imparted to me enabled me to go inside to that perfect place. Now, I don't need to go to the Ganges because the Ganges is within me too. I don't have to go to the temple, because there is that real temple within me. I don't need to go to the Church. He showed me the church inside of me and such a saga which goes along incessantly with each of my breath. He gave me a lamp and its flame, its light reaches every nook and corner and dispels the darkness within me, for which I shall ever remain grateful in my life, in my heart as long as I am alive.

And a few days ago, I went to Dallas. The person who was driving my car said to me, "I had gone to Denver to listen to your discourse. And I really enjoyed it. But one thing that you specially mentioned I would like to make that true in my life." I asked, "What was that?" He said, "When the last moment of my life comes, I don't want to feel a repentance in my heart of what I did not do in my life. I want that there should be only one thought . . ." And I was giving this satsang at Denver. I said, when the last moment comes to depart from this world, I have the longing that there should be these words in my heart: "Many, many thanks to you." Not that -- 'Oh, this has remained to be done! I had to do this and that.' Because people prepare a long list, "Oh, I was supposed to do this and that too. This has remained to be done, this should have been done. I could not do this and do that." But not all this. These are worthless things. Let there remain just one feeling within me, and that is: "Oh Lord, lots of thanks to you that I was provided this opportunity! And how much joy I derived from this opportunity given to me. I found so much happiness O' my Creator! You have showered so much grace upon me O' my Master! By your grace you have illumined the lamp of Knowledge in the midst of this darkness in my life, in this gloomy world of mine, through which I was able to see, and I could experience so much. And you have brought the spring season in the garden which had turned quite barren, by pouring the water of your love and affection in it. And this you have done for ever hereafter --not for a day or two. You have made it evergreen with an everlasting spring season." It's really very interesting to talk about all this. But would it be really possible to do it? When the last moment comes, who knows how we would leave? Who knows it? But whatever a person thinks throughout his life, the same thing he would remember in the last moments of his life. Just tell me, is there a person in this world who thinks that he will not have to die? Oh, it is inevitable. It is the reality. Whatever may be true or false in the world you have created for yourself, but it is inevitable that if you are born, you will have to die one day. Nobody can evade or postpone it. And when will that moment come? The Creator has arranged it in such a way that nobody knows this fact. Nobody at all!

Once a king called an astrologer. He asked him, "Well, when will I die?" The astrologer took out his horoscope and started calculating through it. Sometimes he would write one thing on a peace of paper and sometimes another. After doing all that he said, "Maharaji, you will die after 100 years. You have a long life!" The king thought-Oh, he seems to be talking nonsense. So, he asked, "Pandit Ji, where is your horoscope?" The horoscope was brought. Then he asked, "Pandit Ji, when will you be leaving this world?" Then Pandit Ji says, "Well, sire, there are still 40 or 50 years more. After that I will leave." Thereupon the king ordered, "Take out the sword and cut his neck at once, because he does not know. He tells me that I would live for so many years but he himself does not know for how long he would survive."

So I mean, people generally give such blessings 'have a long life!' Why should they have a long life? If they are getting joy in their lives then of course, it's okay to live a long life. Do you understand? If there is a prisoner confined in a jail and you give him this blessing, "May you remain in this jail throughout your life!" Is it good for him? Who can give him such a blessing? If somebody goes and gives him that sort of blessing that he may remain in his cell throughout his life, that prisoner probably spit at him and try to kick him. But just think for a moment, are we not prisoners? Those who have not got this Knowledge, what kind of freedom do they enjoy? Who is the freest of us all? Who is the freest in this world? First of all it has been said about the Master -"He is supremely free; none is above him." Absolutely free! But there is such a miracle in his freedom that whoever enters his realm of freedom also becomes free. And what type of freedom is that? The real freedom of inner self. Man is still imprisoned. And what does he do? He's just like even the bird in a cage.

There was a little bird which was confined in a small cage. Then the man brought it a bigger cage out of love and affection. He takes out the bird from that small cage and says, "Now, you just sit in this cage. See, how beautiful a cage I have brought for you! This is bigger than your previous one. The previous cage was made of wood but this one is made of gold. How nice a cage I have purchased for you!" But is there any freedom for that bird in that bigger cage? Because after all it is a cage. Whether it may be of gold or silver or studded with diamonds. It is only a whim of that man. But for that bird it does not matter in the least whether it is made of gold or that of silver or whatever material. But really when the Master by his grace opens the door of the heart and this heart like a bird becomes free. Then that bliss, it feels is called 'the real freedom.' Because when the heart is free, when the Knowledge is received and when it is understood that there is real freedom inside, then it becomes obvious that there is no freedom outside. Then man will realize the fact that there is such a place inside which has no boundaries. How can I be free outside? If I go outside from this inner place, I will still be in a cage. So there is no need to change cages. All this world is like a cage for me. There are so many cages. One of them may be small and the other one a bigger cage. One may be good and the other may be bad. But how big a place is there within me! Oh, there is a whole universe within me. That is what I say. There is a wonderful place within me.

The recognition of our 'true-self'

Actually there are two things in me. One of them is something which is ever-changing and perishable. And then there is this other one which never changes and is imperishable. While the former is temporary, the latter is permanent and constant. And when these two things are united, are wedded to each other, what is the outcome? This human being comes into existence. And then one day it will happen that which is permanent will remain permanent and that which is temporary, which is made of the soil, will ultimately mingle with it. So, there is one thing which is indestructible, not bound with the bonds of time and is always free. And then there is this thing which is bound in time, and made out of soil. Which did not exist before, exists now but will not exist in future. Definition? What is the definition of the temporary? A small definition. The thing which is perishable, has not a big definition. Neither it was, nor it will be. Though it exists now, it will not remain in future. Because it is destructible. And that which cannot be perished, what's its definition? That existed before, it exists now and will exist in future. That too is a small definition. Because it is never destroyed. So two things came and mixed together -- one which is permanent and everlasting and another which is not everlasting, which is temporary. And how ephemeral it is! And how to describe that which is permanent. It is constant and eternal. I mean, just two innately opposite things. And how amazing it is that these two things completely antithetic -- could mix together and man comes into being -- with this temporary thing. And what would happen? Just like you can dig gold with a spade but the spade can never become gold. Its worth will remain just the same. The more you use it, the more its value will be depreciated. But whatever you will dig with it, whatever gold you will dig out of your mine from it, whatever nectar you will bring out of your body with its help, that can provide the experience of that thing which is immortal. So what have you experienced? What did you understand?

Human beings. I know them very well. I have talked to lots of people in so many countries I have visited. I mean, not all of them, but the main countries of the world. I have had discussions with the people. They speak different languages. Now, some people think that because those people speak different languages, they will be speaking something different. Hey, you know, whatever language it may be, its meaning are the same: "Come here. Go there." Whether they speak it in Hindi or in English.

It makes no difference. The languages may be different, but does it mean that something different is being talked about? The purport is the same. "You are a rascal. You are a scoundrel. He is very good. He is lame. He is blind." Everywhere the same thing goes on -- "I am good, you are bad." Whether somebody is speaking in Japanese or in French, in Nepalese or Tamil, in Sanskrit or English, or in Hindi or Bihari, whatever language it may be, but its meaning is the same. They express the same thing -- "Bring food. Take away food. Give water. Take away water. Take the glass." They are expressing the same feeling but in different ways, in different languages -in the whole world. I don't know whether you people have ever thought about it or not, but people in the whole world talk the same thing in different ways and in different languages.

But I have found that a human being is not in a position to save himself. His condition is constantly deteriorating in such a way that he cannot save himself. Only when he gets the grace of the Master, he can be able to save himself. But it is possible only when he is ready to listen to him. Because the guide will only show the way, how you can save yourself. He will reveal the techniques to go inside so that you can experience, enjoy and understand that thing inside.

So, whatever it was and how it was done but I don't have the least doubt that my Master has showered his infinite grace upon me. He bestowed his grace when he gave me this Knowledge and my Master's ineffable grace is with me all the time -- every day and night. And if I accept that infinite grace within my heart and be worthy of his grace every moment of my life, then I know fully well that I can pass my life in an everlasting joy and bliss wherever I am.

Because the burden of this world is very heavy, very big. I mean, the burden of these problems can crush anyone, however great he may be. I mean, nobody can escape from it. The burden is bound to come. There is no one living who won't feel its weight on his shoulders -- the burden of day-to-day problems. So it is possible that people may feel and realize that there is a burden on their shoulders but there is such a place within inside where there is no burden, where I am really free. There is ecstasy, there is Knowledge, there is light and such a beautiful dawn that is beyond description.

So, dear gentlemen, that grace is also being bestowed upon you. Accept it with your open heart and remain worthy of this grace. Then you will have a storehouse of perpetual joy throughout your life!

Many poems have been written -- written by myself. Most of them were written in English, and I have got them translated in Hindi. So I wanted that you may also listen. You have already heard English songs. Now they were translated, but this translation is nice.

(Recited poems in Hindi)

Some necessary informations

So, now this Vaishakhi program is going to conclude today.

All of you will go back to your centers, your homes -- or whatever. But practice this Knowledge. Have faith. Have trust in the Master. Trust this Knowledge. Enjoy this life. Enjoy this Knowledge! Let those feelings fill up your heart, which may increase. your regard for the Master and the Knowledge. As regards the next program, if we get time in November -- I think it would be better here in November. Because the weather is nice at that time. And if I get time and the program is scheduled to be held, all of you shall be informed about it.

Yesterday, when some new people were coming to see me, one of them asked, "Please do reply to my letter." So, I was thinking about it today. I said, how could it be possible to give reply to the letter? When his letter would be received here, it would be forwarded to the place where I am at that time. And if I do not start upon my next journey till it reaches there, I may be able to receive it. Otherwise it would be again forwarded to my next halt. For instance, if I started from America and reached Australia. Somebody came to know that I was going to Australia, then the letter which was sent from India to America would be forwarded to Australia. By the time the letter reaches here (in India) from Australia, I will be leaving for the next place from here. And I will go to England. So the letter will be directed to England and will take its time to reach there. And so it cannot reach there in time. Even if it reaches there, I won't be there. I will leave for America. And by the time it reaches America, I may fly to South America. So, the letter will be following me and I will be proceeding farther and farther on my tour. But whenever I get a chance, I get time I try to reply to your letters. But you know, so many people write to me and their letters constantly follow me. You also know very well that it takes time to get them and attend to them. However, if you wish to write, you are welcome. SO, it does not matter, write to me and I will try my best to reply to your letters.

If I get time in the month of November, I would meet more aspirants. We had earmarked only five days for the aspirants this time. These five days passed so quickly that I was really amazed: It seems as if those five days were like a dream. I slept, woke up and those five days were gone! And now, we had a three day program. It seems as if today is the first day. As if the program has just started. But the program is now going to end. So if I get time in the month of November, I have decided that I would invite people in groups of ten or twenty thousands, so that premies may be able to understand the techniques again in Knowledge-reviews. So, we will have to conduct that program in groups of ten or twenty thousand people, and will have to envisage an effective procedure for it.

A matter of trust

Just see, it's a matter of faith. Really it is. Had anybody asked me, "How will you be able to give Knowledge to so many people?" I would have said, "That is correct." Because doubting people are very easily able to create stuff others with doubts. You know, there is this dung. Wherever you rub it, it will spread foul smell everywhere. If you rub it on the flower . . . That is its nature. I was explaining this fact to Mahatmaji one day. I said, well, things have their own distinct nature. For instance there is this rose. You take some rose petals in a certain quantity and also take some human faeces exactly in equal quantity and put them side by side in a room in a plate. Which of the two smells will be more excessive? Will it be that of rose or the other one?

Well, it's nature. Now what more can I say? It has been happening for centuries. You know? It is not of today. However beautiful and fragrant a flower may be, after weighing it, you put that thing (faeces) in the same quantity, keep them I together at one place. Then you won't feel the fragrance of the flower but the stench of the other thing.

Doubt also works like that. People were having doubts as to how it could happen. It is quite impossible. Will it happen? Will it not happen? There was so much apprehension and uncertainty. I also did not know the proper course to be adopted. Even then I did not hold any meeting. I did not sit and discuss how and what to do. I myself had to be convinced that if it was possible, it could be done. Once convinced that it can be done, then all necessary procedures came in line automatically. As has been said:

"When the perfect Master is there to take care of you, you have nothing to worry about.
All the powers of prosperity and success are ready to serve you and you are free from all bondages."

But if you have trust within you and really the Master is there -- the Perfect Master -- to take care of you, and if you actually have trust and faith in your heart then there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Now, if somebody comes and says: "Well, how can you explain this thing to all the people?" I would say, "I don't know." But when the time comes, all the solutions automatically come in line before you. And they will wait outside for hours together to enter inside -- all those solutions. And you will find better and better ones. So, it happens very comfortably. And it did. Now just think about it. The first day approximately 900 aspirants were present in the Knowledge session. I asked someone, "Well, how many aspirants are left?" I was told that there were about 1200 aspirants more. So I said, "Okay, I will give Knowledge to all of them." That meant that they would be given Knowledge in one session. But if somebody could have asked me the first day, 'Could you give Knowledge to more people at a time?' I would have said: "No, I find it difficult with all these 900 people sitting here." Because I had involved some instructors also in that session. That's why there was difficulty. Even today morning I was greatly disturbed and it bothered me the whole day. But what could I do? You require understanding which was lacking. But the Master is so merciful that he saves us. I am unable to describe about his mercy. Maharaji by his infinite grace always protects us otherwise who knows what may happen. Anyway, the next day the whole session was conducted very smoothly and beautifully.

Now, it has become quite clear to me that if there is an opportunity, I have the confidence to give this Knowledge to the whole world at a time -- if there are no mahatmas or instructors. And everything can be done very easily, very smoothly. A few months earlier, if anybody would have asked me whether I would do without the instructors, I would have said, "I don't know, whether it will be possible or not." But now there is not an iota of doubt left in me about its possibility. It is the amazing grace of Maharaji indeed that he put this thought in me, otherwise I would have been in the same dilemma. Because it has been in the system for such a long time that only instructors were expected to do everything. Only they could give Knowledge. I mean, it has been a very old tradition. But people do not attempt to move the handle (of the grinder) towards them -- to bring a change in the system. But the Master gave me such a prudence that I could bring about the desired change and was able to transform the whole system. And now this transformation has brought such a great joy to me, to the premies and to the aspirants which is beyond description.

So, if I have time, I will inform everyone of you. Blessings to all of you. Just enjoy yourself. Experience this Knowledge. Be in Agya (command). It's very essential. Have faith in Knowledge which has been given to you. Practice Knowledge and enjoy it. And when you get the opportunity next time, come with profound love and faith. Yesterday, a person was telling me that some people come here to get marriages arranged and some for similar other purposes. It means that there are people who can engage themselves in such unwarranted activities if they are allowed some laxity. After all it is an Ashram, and I wish to maintain it as an Ashram.

Future planning

There is service. We have to do a lot of it. The planning of this place is not an ordinary one. It is an ever growing process. I mean, the planning of this Ashram is so big, so vast that nobody knows from which point we have to start. That's why we sometimes do not visualize the whole picture. Because we have no idea from where we should start our projects. At this place, we will have to construct a big hall for the Knowledge session. These pandals have been erected this time. As it is the month of April, it had been very nice. Lots of people attended the program. But it gets very hot at midday. So we require such a big hall which can accommodate at least 2000-3000 people at a time.

Now look, it is what is called proper time. And it is a matter of trust. When I came here last time in April, I was telling Mahatmaji that yes, we will have to make a Knowledge-center here, so that the aspirants could receive Knowledge. Then he said, "Of course Maharaji, please give me the design immediately and I will get it constructed." So, I started to draw the design but it could not be done. I make designs of so many things but this one could not be done. Then I came back in the month of December and talked to him. He requested me to give him the design as soon as possible, and I said, "Mahatmaji, I find it difficult to complete the design so far. Therefore, you just wait and relax. Have patience. It would be constructed at a proper time." Now, I understand why it was not made. Because if the hall would have been constructed at that time, it would have been made only for 50 people. The last time I was here, the Knowledge was given in the groups of 25 or 50 people in each session. If that Knowledge-center would have been constructed, it could only accommodate not more than 50 persons. So, it would have been of no use to us. So, this is what is called 'trust'. This is what is called 'grace' that its design could not be made earlier. Look, somebody would say, "Oh, you could not even make the design. You have taken so much time." But why do you talk of time? It was really fortunate that we could not complete the design. Now, when we will construct the hall, it will be built for 2000 or 3000 people. Because 50 people can easily sit in the hall meant for 3000 people, but in a hall having the capacity for 50 people, 3000 people cannot be accommodated. So, we shall have to make a big hall in which people might sit comfortably in every sort of weather conditions -- whether it may be hot or cold, midday or evening time, and I may be able to give them Knowledge in a congenial atmosphere.

And we have to construct roads too. As you know, it becomes very dusty. SO, we have to do that. I was talking about that also. We don't require these metalled roads made of tar -these black ones. And why? Because they produce bad smell. And when there is summer season they cause more heat. So, we have to make such roads which can prevent dust and are nice in every respect. Now, there is a problem with us that we have to fetch these tents from all parts of India. Because there are these 'Karyakartas' (workers). What does it mean? This word is made of two syllables -'Karya' (work) and 'Karta' (doer). It does not signify that 'Karya samajh ke karta' (Does the work with awareness) or 'Karya badhiya karta' (Works nicely). But he is a 'Karyakarta' (Work-doer). It means - "He will do something." He is not concerned about what he has to do. But he must do something. There was a time, when these programs started for the first time and I came here. It was said, "Well, we will use tents." They used to discuss with each other -- "Oh, a time may come when we will have to erect so many tents, then how could it be possible to get so many of them?" But since that time has come now, we shall have to do something here. Because for how long shall we continue to utilize them? So, something will have to be done. But it is a slow process. And first of all we will have to make that place brick-built, which is mostly and constantly used.

Look, we are going to build a center in Australia very soon. We have purchased nearly 1300 acres of land. It is a very beautiful place indeed. There are hills, and big open grounds. I had gone there before coming here. It is really a nice place. So, can you imagine, what will be made there at first? I know what will be our priority? First of all, we will dig the foundation for the septic tank. After that, maybe somebody would think that a satsang hall will be built there. No. After that we will build these toilets. Because I will tell you. People generally don't understand about it. A person can take his food anywhere -even sitting under a tree. And a man can sleep anywhere -- under a tree or in a ditch in emergency. But the third thing he cannot do everywhere. So, we can make arrangements for tents for people to stay, and to take their food but that task . . . Well, if they come for satsang or service, to do some work or not to do any work, there is no problem. Because all these are periodical affairs. But that thing is a permanent feature. The satsang hall will be utilized only when people come to attend satsang. Knowledge-center will be used only when the aspirants come for receiving Knowledge. There will be a particular area stipulated for service, and it will be utilized only when people come to serve. But even if they come without any work assigned to them, that place, however, will be used constantly. So, first of all, we will construct these toilets, so that there may be no pollution and people can feel at ease. But it was not done here, that is why there is so much inconvenience. They remained temporary. But now they have to be made brick-built with plaster. Therefore, it requires lots of service to be done here.

And I had a talk with mahatmaji and he said, many people don't come for service. So, you just understand that it is a matter of time. If you are getting the time, the opportunity to serve then utilize it, otherwise a time may come when you won't get any chance to serve. So, whatever opportunity you have got to do service, don't let it go. Serve as much as you can. Because you will get such a joy in doing seva (service) which cannot be described. I mean, it's a profound joy. For a devotee satsang, service and practice of Knowledge are essential. You have got an opportunity to serve. Lots of things have to be done here, and they have to be done with love under proper direction. So, listen, understand and enjoy yourself.

Blessings to all the people.

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