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Posted on Forum V
Date: Wed, Jun 07, 2000 at 04:07:19
From: Zorba
Subject: Holy family update

A premie called last night and during the lengthy discussion told me news from a malibu friend that the malibu premies all know about Daya having a cocaine problem and also that amar the youngest son and previous heir apparent was 'terrorizing premies with his motorcycle' he drives at them.

She also said that the kids are sick of the premies. I heard that before.

What gets to the old die hards the most is the news of his personal behind the stage behaviour.

The news of his mistresses and drug and alcohol use and his denials of the past claims to be our lord also seem to make them catch thier breath.

News that Joan Apter has joined Bill Patterson and Claudia and all the rest of the former initiators and community stalwarts also helps break the brainlock M has on them from the past.

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