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Radhasoami- Sant Mat
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Radhasoami - Sant mat

Sant Rajinder Singh : The 'Science Of Spirituality Web Center'. Sant Rajinder Singh is the president of the World Fellowship of Religions and spiritual head of Science of Spirituality. He travels extensively to spread a message of inner and outer peace through spirituality, giving talks and meditation seminars. Born in India, Sant Rajinder Singh received his spiritual education from two of India's great spiritual teachers, Sant Kirpal Singh and Sant Darshan Singh. Dedicated to helping humanity achieve harmony and unity, he says: "It is only when each individual has achieved inner peace that we will see lasting outer peace in the world."

Sant Thakar Singh's Website : "Inner Light and Sound Meditation. This age-old meditation form is a really wonderful, purely spiritual connection with the Power of God inside of us which we perceive as inner experiences of heavenly Light and Sound. This connection is full of sweetness and peace and doesn't cost anything, nor does it require any change in clothing, religion, family life, job, or beliefs. Please feel free to browse around and read more about this path."

Dadaji Saheb's Home Page : RS-Pipal Mandi group, based in Pipal Mandi (Agra). ShriRadhasoami Dayal decided to reveal Himself to the mankind the grace of Radhasoami. More than hundred centres and thousands of teachers are available today across the five continents to explain the magic. However the true teacher has so far not revealed himself to all, but a few know him now. Innumerable lives got attachment to His Holy feet and thus liberated from agony, grief, sufferings and misery of this transitory world. The Radhasoami Faith is the true path of salvation and the aim is to liberate people and their Surat from materialism to offer the connectivity to the Supreme Being and Supreme Bliss.

Path of the Masters - Sant Mat : Know everything about " Sant Mat, or the Path of the Masters, goes back to the dawn of recorded history, and references to it can be found in all scriptures and religious traditions of the world. It has been taught openly in India in its present form since the time of Kabir (1398-1518), who proclaimed the essential unity of all religions and the possibility and necessity of the union of the soul with its Creator (Surat Shabd Yoga) during one's lifetime. In modern times, it is presented as the Science of the Soul, a most natural science which can be followed by men, women and children of all ages without any distinction of color, caste or creed."

Unity of Man - Sant Kirpal Singh : The movement Unity of Man is the work of Sant Kirpal Singh, continued by Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife Surinder Kaur. The name Unity of Man refers to the inner unity of all life. The same Power that created and sustains the whole universe sustains each one of us and is revealed in the human body in form of light and sound. This is the common link among all human beings. To know that Power is the purpose of human life. All great spiritual teachers and Masters like Christ, Kabir, Guru Nanak, and others refer to it. They called it Shabd, Naam, Word or Kalma etc., and they were competent to give a first-hand experience of that Power. In our time, Sant Kirpal Singh revived this inner knowledge and gave the same experience to sincere seekers after truth. For detailed information....

Shri Nangli Sahib : The Indian group claiming Swarupanand & Shiv Dayal's successorship

Radhasoami Satsang Beas Secret Story : This article shows the Beas lineage may be a mythical concoction which may have eliminated 4 Sat Gurus out of necessity from Sawan's break. See why Jaimal was officially chastised for posing as a guru and being excommunicated just 3 days before he died. Find out why most satsangis don't know who the founder of Radhasoami Faith was. Did you know Jaimal and Sawan may have been 100% self appointed masters with no authority to act as Gurus ?

Radhasoami Gurus (Beas) : Beas Gurus and Branches. A Genealogical Glossary, by David Christopher Lane.

Radha Soami Satsang Beas : Origin and Growth

Sant Mat and Radhasoami Discussion : This group is designed for general discussion of issues of Sant Mat and Radhasoami history, philosophy and practice. It is available to question, inquiry, doubt, as well as the sharing of insight and experience, in an environment of mutual respect.

Rawat Family : Prempal Rawat's website.

Premnagar Service : Satpalji at Premnagar Ashram during the last Kumbh Mela Event.

Enjoying Life with Knowledge : With Those Who Appreciate the Teachings of Prempal Rawat.

Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti : Shri Satpal Ji Maharaj's (eldest son of Paramsant Satgurudev Shri Hans Ji Maharaj) website. What happened with the rest of the 'Holy Family'?
"Satpal Ji Maharaj, the world teacher of humanity, travels across the oceans to talk to people and enlighten them about the human essence i.e. the life force called the spirit. He is enlightened and compassionate and finds joy eternal in serving humanity. He is the exponent of Manav Dharam and respects all religions as the manifestation of the divine and serves all, irrespective of caste, color, creed or nationality. Enlighten the man, enlighten the universe is the mission of his life. He is scientific and secular in his outlook and professes a scientific humanism which stands for the blending of the two. He runs many social charitable organisations dedicated to the service of humanity and instant relief to the victims of natural catastrophes. Manav Dharam in essence is freeing man from internal and external conditioning."

General Information & Ex-Followers Websites

Maharaji's Ex-Followers' Websites : Contents' overview, and direct links to their websites.

Radhasoami Studies : Sant Mat, Shabd Yoga, and Meditation discussed on this forum.

Leaving Siddha Yoga : Provides information about the problems in Siddha Yoga, past and present. Support for those who have left or are thinking of leaving. Siddha Yoga is the organization started by Swami Muktananda after Nityananda of Ganeshpuri died in 1961, and now controlled by Swami Chidvilasananda, also including subsequent groups or individuals who support Muktananda directly or indirectly.

Traumatic Abuse in Cults: An Exploration of an Unfamiliar Social Problem, by Daniel Shaw, C.S.W. (This essay uses SYDA (Siddha Yoga) as an example of an abusive cult) - May, 1996.

Sahaja Yoga's Ex-Followers : An excellent site created by ex-followers of Shri Mata Ji (no not that one). "The authors of this web site have one point in common: They have been fully involved as members of Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi's Sahaja Yoga for long periods of time in different countries, from the early 70's to the more recent end-90's, and have a detailed overview of the organisation from its beginning to the present day."

ExSatsangi Support Group : Discover the truth and become free. 'Who am I?' asks Ramana. Do you have questions which have not been answered concerning a particular 'Path' or a Guru? This Club (Forum) is for people who have questions and would like to hear about other people's experiences and what they have to say. New insights make us ever more eager to search for the truth, with even higher requirements for honesty and integrity in our teachers and guides. Satsangis and Ex's of all types are welcome here. Members of other Paths are specially encouraged to join.

Eckankar : Truth About A Deceptive Cult. Eckankar claims to be the "highest" and "only" path to God. It claims that its "LivingECKMaster/Mahanta" is the sole possessor of the "highest consciousness" in the universe, and on both the physical plane and all the "higher planes."
Eckankar lies. Eckankar is a pseudo-religion created by Paul Twitchell, an intelligent man who could have perhaps done some good in the world if he'd truly had any kind of connection with Spirit. Instead, he chose to be an amoral con artist and decided to concoct Eckankar, a pseudo-spiritual Protection Racket, and proclaim himself "God On Earth."
What Paul Twitchell did is plagiarize (steal) ancient wise teachings which are freely available in many great spiritual paths, and mix them with fear, threats, and mind-control messages, as well as self-hypnotic "spiritual exercises" which are specifically designed to entrap the seeker and bind him to both the inner and outer control of Eckankar, its LEM, and its "High Initiates."

Radhasoami Invalidation : Invalidation arguments for RS-Beas Group based in Beas, India. Based upon information from personal experiences covering over twelve years and on research data provided by David Lane through his web page THE NEURAL SURFER and personal communications with him, I have re-evaluated the claims, practices and activities of RS-Beas and now feel that there exists significant evidence to conclude that the group does not represent a legitimate spiritual path as it claims to do in its many books.
For the benefit of researchers of spiritual groups and other interested parties, I have outlined here the basic points that I considered in arriving at this conclusion. I trust the data will be useful.

The Knee of Daism : ~ Deconstructing Adi Da ~ EX-DEVOTEES SPEAK OUT, by Sri Bob--8th (going on 9th) Stage Avatar.
"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people . . . well, you get the idea. Not Surprisingly, Frank Jones has left a number of disgruntled ex-devotees in his wake. Here is what they have to say. Just so."
"Adi Da is a complex character who evokes complex responses. Some believe he is the singular manifestation of the Divine in the entire universe of universes--no kidding. Some believe he is a crank, a fraud, a con artist. Just so...
No effort has been made in this book to support Frank's positions. The Da-man has self-published something like a hundred volumes--so surely he has spoken sufficiently for most of us. Instead, herein are commentaries on the various claims Da and his followers make about him and his teachings. Some writers have been intimately involved with Adi Da, while others know him only through his voluminous works."

Sarlo's Guru Rating Service : "I am not a completely non-partisan observer. The subjective characterizations will not be everybody's experience, nor will the ratings, a ludicrous attempt to evaluate when there is clearly no universal quantitative standard. Still if music and restaurant critics can do it, why not i? You can call it yellow journalism."

The Radhasoami Connection : Use Dr Lane's comprehensive web site to know more about the lineage & history of Indian 'satgurus', Radhasoami, Sant Mat, present and past satgurus, etc.

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