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Maharaji's satsang by telephone

Malibu, May 8, 1978
Printed in 'Divine Times'
Volume 7, Number 4, June/July 1978
"Guru Puja Special"

These comprehensive extracts neatly encapsulate the method of how Maharaji draws his audience in with simple timeless questions and then, without a blink, moves on to claim his divinity and how he provides the solutions to all these questions - even claims that he is the solution. How he manages to intertwine ourselves with him.
Truly remarkable mindf**k games.

It is easy to understand why instructions were given for all this stuff to be destroyed.

Don't miss the bits about Maharaji's definitions of sin and suicide! Incredible!

Anyway read on - if you dare. This is from the man's own mouth.


The most important thing is, what do we get from it? What is the point? What do we actually gain from satsang, service and meditation? Where does that lead us? Where does that take us?


And yet I remember when we were on vacation recently. We were just on the beach. And for Hansi we would make the tunnels and castle and everything. And I was just playing in the sand. I just took a fistful of sand ... I took it and dropped it back on the beach and I said - 'I just changed the whole universe; the whole structure of the universe. Universe is not going to be the same again.'

And Marolyn was right next to me and she said, 'Oh yeah, but that's always happening.'


And yet, just as that one grain of sand has the capacity, just as that one grain of sand has the capability of changing the structure of the entire universe, we have some significance, too. There is significance attached to us, too, as to why are we in this Earth. Why we are in this world? Why are we here? Why are we present? Why are we breathing?


The way it is, it really doesn't matter. If you change a speck of sand or something like that, it just doesn't matter, because there is such an enormous universe that by changing one grain of sand, it just wouldn't affect it. And yet, premies, why are we here?


And, I mean, why do we get a pleasure, why do we get so much bliss, why do we get a certain incredible feeling inside of us when we fulfil that purpose? And the reason, the sole reason behind it is because that's what our aim is. That is coming home. That is what we really desire. That's what we really want. And that's what's getting fulfilled. And when that fulfillment happens in our lives, everything gets fulfilled, everything gets quenched. All the thirst gets quenched.


Because it's two things, and there is no other broker that can come in the middle. There's you and there is that Knowledge. There's you and there is that perfection. There are all these scriptures and there are all these things and that's just incredible, that's just great, that's all fantastic. But when it comes down to that search, when it comes down to that Peace, it's you and that Truth, it's you and that Knowledge. And we have to come to the right source, and we have to realize the right source, and fiddle for the rest of our lives trying to find out what the right source really is, going from book to book.


And Knowledge is the same way. the experience that we want is the same way. Because as soon as that experience manifests in our life, we know. And of course, we're constantly backed up by mind, battled by mind. The mind keeps saying, 'No, this is not it. This is not it. This is not it. This is not it.' That, of course, doesn't change the fact.

And only our commitment, only our dedication to what we really want, is through Guru Maharaj Ji, is through that Master ... Because, he has that key! He doesn't even have the key; let's put in this way: He has the solution. He has what we want. Because in him lies the solution. He is the solution.


Our body is finite. Something within this body is infinite. And if we join those two things, if we make that one connection ... Because that we are trying to reach, what we are trying get to, is that most spectacular experience. And that experience is always there because it's infinite! And we can always achieve it. We can always be there, by going to Guru Maharaj Ji, by going to the Perfect Master. Because Perfect Master not only teaches us perfectness - and that is why he is Perfect Master- but he has the key. And not only does he have the key, but that answer, that solution, that experience, lies within him. Because he is that experience.

And by approaching that Master, then he unfolds, he unites yourself, that individual, that one jiva, that one soul, to himself, and thus bridges the most, most incredible barrier, crossing the most wide, most outrageous, most violent stream of all between us, crossing all factors of time, life, death, anything that's finite - crossing all factors - and bringing us into perfect harmony and perfect unity.


Because when in the presence of Guru Maharaj Ji, when in that beautiful, beautiful presence of Guru Maharaj Ji ... Because there is the solution. There is the answer. And we get attracted by that. We get directed by that, It's like a magnet. And again, it's a very beautiful experience in our life hat we have been granted, again, by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, that we have been granted that experience of him!


And it's just like, what's our true nature? So I mean, of course it's on a very basic level, the whole example. But it's quite obvious that only by Knowledge - and then, not even that - only by Guru Maharaji Ji's Grace, can we really understand who we really are, can we really have our true identity, can we really experience ourself, can we go beyond the barriers of good and bad, can we go beyond the barriers of right and wrong, can we go beyond the barrier of all time, and cross all the finite and merge with what's infinite. And that's only possible by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace.

It's just like our love for our Guru Maharaj Ji can never, can never, cease to exist. If there is a definition .... Okay, this is a little harsh way to put it. But I'll put it: If there is a definition of sin - if there is one - then it definitely applies to the place of ever leaving that Love, of ever forgetting that Love, of Guru Maharaj Ji.

Because without Guru Maharaj Ji - the saints have said, there was this whole world and there was everything, but nothing was there. And is they would have lived in that fantasy of 'Oh everything is there: everything is okay,' they would have never understood that they're not living in anything, that all the factors are so small, all the factors are so ridiculous. And when Guru Maharaj Ji comes, and really shows then that Love, shows then true Love, shows them themselves ....

Because, who are we before Guru Maharaj Ji? What are we until we have understood who we really are?

And so if we haven't understood who we really are, and that there is no definition that applies, when we understand who we are, then we go beyond all understanding. Then we merge with that. Being that makes us who we are, that gives us that feeling, that gives us that feeling f understanding, that gives us that experience of Love, that gives us that experience of Knowledge, that gives us the experience of happiness.

And just how much can we love Guru Maharaj Ji? How much can we dedicate to Guru Maharaj Ji? How much can we become with Guru Maharaj Ji?

I don't think ever anybody who has realized Guru Maharaj Ji, who has ever put a limit on it. Because to do that would be another sin. Because it's an ever-flowing experience. You never want to stop. You just want to keep on going with it.

And by Guru Maharaj Ji's Grace, every second, every moment, every inch of the way, things keep manifesting and manifesting and manifesting. And when we let go to that Guru Maharaj Ji, when we let go and surrender ourselves ... Because who are we? Before that we were nothing. After that we are nothing. But we become one when we accomplish the purpose of why we are really here in this world.


And if we forget who we really are, if we let go of Guru Maharaj Ji and really forget who we really are in the true sense of the word, then that's almost like committing suicide, that's almost like dying.

And Guru Maharaj Ji's compassion is there. Guru Maharaj Ji's mercy is there for us, to take forever and ever and ever. And that's where we have to be. Because that's where the experience is. What I talk about is not a theory. It's not some homemade theory of mine. But this is the true experience. When we experience it, all concepts go away."

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