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EV SmartCard
ID System

Here is what premies now need to enter Elan Vital's events.

There is a microship imbedded in the card.

And here is what Elan Vital says about it, in a mail - including the application form - that's been addressed to all active premies.

Introducing the Smart Card more step toward making it easier to keep in touch

Over the years there has been an ongoing effort to make attendance at events as smooth and easy as possible. Now a new technology, available to people who have received Knowledge, is being introduced to simplify the process even further.

The Smart Card will streamline the registration and entry process, primarily at events for people with Knowledge. In addition, the Smart Card opens the door for many other exciting possibilities....

What is the Smart Card?

The Smart Card will be a permanent event credential. It will display the cardholder's name, photo, and unique Smart Card number all printed over an attractive background design.

In general, "smart cards" look like credit cards, but contain a microchip on which data can be stored. This technology is rapidly gaining popularity around the world due to the card's virtually unlimited potential uses.

Initially, the Smart Card microchip will store a cardholder's name and Smart Card number. The Chip will have sufficient capacity to support new features as they are developed.

How does it work? Features currently under development

Entry, access: For entry to events, you will simply have your card scanned by an electronic card reader. At events where a card reader is unavailable, you will show your photo Smart Card to the ushers or facility personnel.

With the Smart Card, you will have no worries about waiting in long lines, being recognized, or having to be interviewed. At sites such as Amaroo, your card could allow you entry to areas such as the campgrounds or the amphitheater.

Cashless vending: The microchip embedded in the card allows you to make cashless vending purchases, such as buying products from Visions or buying meals and other items. This provides an alliterative to carrying cash, check, credit card, or converting your currency.

Some potential future uses

Event Registration & more: The unique number on your Smart Card can make event registration faster and simpler. Other event related areas like special needs, seating assignments, reservation of translation headsets - even hotel arrangements - could eventually be facilitated with the use of your Smart Card number.

Smart Kiosks: Event attendees will be able to use their Smart Cards at special kiosks (public access computers with monitors) which provide general event information, transfer of funds for cashless vending, and even personal information such as notices of scheduled service meetings.



Declaration and Acknowledgement

Elan Vital, Inc. USA ('Elan Vital, Inc.') confirms that information submitted on this Smart Card Application Form shall be kept confidential. I acknowledge and agree that:

1. I have received the techniques of Knowledge either directly from Maharaji or from an instructor who was authorised to conduct Knowledge sessions at the time;

2. Any Smart Card issued following the submission of this information is and shall remain the property of Elan Vital, Inc. and is returnable to Elan Vital, Inc. upon request;

3. The information and the issue of any Smart Card is for use in facilitating attendance at any event (convention, conference, seminar etc.) sponsored in whole or in part by Elan Vital, Inc. (without thereby creating any contractual or other legal right to attend that or any event);

4. Elan Vital, Inc. is hereby authorised to transmit this information to any organisation with similar objectives (a related organisation) or to a service provider on behalf of the related organisation in order to facilitate the use of the Smart Card for attendance at similar events sponsored in whole or in part by the related organisation;

5. I may at any time update or amend the information by writing to or faxing Elan Vital, Inc.:
Email Address:
Fax Number 001 818 707~6378
Mailing Address: Smart Card Office, PO Box 2278, Agoura Hills, California USA 91376;

6. Information given may be subject to verification. Elan Vital, Inc. reserves the right to refuse an application and the right to cancel a Smart Card after it is issued;

7. I may at any time withdraw my authorisation for use of this information by writing to or faxing Elan Vital, Inc. as shown above, whereupon the information will be destroyed, the Smart Card will automatically be cancelled and will be returnable to Elan Vital, Inc.

[Elan Vital, country] has created a personal data filing system for the purposes of helping the issue of the Smart Card to individuals and for the updating of mailing lists.

8. In compliance with the regulations in force concerning the protection of individuals regarding the processing and transfer of personal data, l hereby authorise [Elan Vital, country] to process and record my personal data using its filing system and to transfer such data to other organisations that have similar aims to those of the above mentioned organisation, and specifically to Elan Vital, Inc., P.O. Box 2278, Agoura Hills, CA 91376, USA.

9. I may at any time change, erase or block my data, or request information about my data, by writing to [Elan Vital, country] at [country organisation address].



Full Name

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