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UK Web Team reports

Here's an excerpt of an email to UK big shots:

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- Two Knowledge Sessions (formerly known as Auto Knowledge Sessions) are scheduled for March

- The first Knowledge Introduction Training was held in London in February. A second Knowledge Introduction Training will take place in Leeds on 3&4 March, with a proposal submitted for another in Southampton on 31 March & 1 April.

- The instructor and propagation teams are actively working towards development of a UK Propagation strategy in conjunction with UK Area teams

- Raja Ji will be touring the UK in late March: Events are being finalised and it is hoped will include: Bristol, London, Midlands, Manchester.

- Hindi and Tamil events are being held for people with Knowledge and introductory events planned, with the support of Instructor Dayal Anand, who is currently touring.

New projects and initiatives:

- Discover for Yourself, a distance learning package for those coming to Knowledge, will be launched in the UK in March

- Phase 1 on an Interactive Information Line is scheduled to be launched in mid March This national telephone service will provide information as well as offering a facility to leave messages to deal with any enquiries

- A Post Knowledge Care team is now in place, with packs in preparation to hand to those receiving Knowledge at forthcoming Knowledge Sessions

- A Propagation Day is planned in London on 17.3 as a follow up to the recent Knowledge Introduction Training

- Propagation plan for Scotland to be discussed at a meeting on 10.3

- Disability Awareness Days are taking place around the country and are being well received

- Norma Wilshaw, as acting National Contact, is currently meeting with people with Knowledge and teams in the UK to listen to concerns or complaints about the organisation

Future plans:

- Special Post Knowledge Care events are planned which will give information on events, materials and participation opportunities

- The Aspirant team is working towards the goal of local Knowledge sessions


- Venue research is being undertaken for a proposal for 3 UK events with M in the summer

- Three UK locations are broadcasting the Hindi satellite channel, two of which provide regular live translation into Hindi

- Three smaller Hindi communities have arranged informal in-house broadcast events

- There has been an enthusiastic response to an initial effort to identify people to support the European Event Team to put on a Hindi Event



- The National Contact role is to be renamed National Propagation Contact to ensure that efforts focus on this all-important area. To encourage more applicants, this position is shortly to be advertised. Further applications for this role will be welcome. Meanwhile Norma Wilshaw continues as caretaker of the role

- The UK synch team is now operational and currently comprises the National Contact, Finance/Resources Contact, Propagation Support Contact, an Instructor, and Events Area representative. Their role is to ensure that a strategic propagation plan is in place for the country, to take a strategic overview of activities in the UK Areas, synchronise activity in the country, and to act as a communications channel with Europe and globally. Legal, PR and Participation (human resource) teams are also represented as support services. Once the new Areas are in place a representative from the team of Area Managers will be invited onto the UK sync team.

- The Participation team, together with other national team members, are commencing interviews for National Introductory Contact, seven UK Area Managers, IT Manager and Web-site Manager

- All roles are advertised widely and anyone with relevant skills is invited to apply

- The National Propagation Contact and Materials Manager roles are to be clarified and re-advertised shortly

- The Post Knowledge Care and Aspirant Manager roles will be re-advertised in due course. Meanwhile, these teams are functioning well regardless of the vacancies

- The UK Hindi/Tamil synch team has completed its own performance evaluation for 2000 and will conduct a further self evaluation in March

New projects/initiatives:

- Representatives of the UK sync team will tour the UK in March/April in order to encourage people with Knowledge to take responsibility for propagation, and to ensure that all are behind the propagation plan for the UK, to communicate information on tools available to support propagation, encourage more home viewers for the broadcast and to inspire new Areas to build teams,

Future plans:

- A small team are reviewing communications in the UK and will develop proposals for improvement through rationalisation and development of existing channels, plus establishment of necessary resources to manage this. As part of its remit the team will also look at ways to give information to home viewers and those who do not attend local events.


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