4 Days In November

This video, titled 'Four Days In November', a Visions International (a division of Elan Vital Inc) release, was released in 2000. It includes footage of his meetings in Delhi, India in late 1999, the last program he appeared in during the 20th century. It's highlight is the recording of the first and probably only known public performance of Prem Rawat singing.

He duets with his daughter, Daya, in a bhajan which includes some truly awful, out-of-tune singing by him and some part singing with the large audience. Unfortunately there are only a few testimonies from premies or "students" on the video regarding this singing as they are extraordinary.

The song's lyrics are basically 'Night and Day, With You I'll Stay' repeated for 10 minutes in Hindi and English and it is a 40 megabyte download. I'm sure there are many who will consider it the highlight of their collection and it is available for download here: Night And Day" or below in parts for those with slow internet connections. Prem Rawat has never shown any of the expected beneficial effects of meditation on his health and appearance and it has been claimed by former close associates that he doesn't meditate. In this film, in this performance, we see him enjoying himself to an extent never before recorded in any of his many filmed public meetings. He is "blissed-out"! Maybe his students would be happier practising the Karaoke rather than the Knowledge.  

It's certainly a shame that not more personal premie 'satsang' was recorded after this historic event. But these responses are certainly normal examples of the "expressions" of gratitude and joy that most students of Prem Rawat give afer having his darshan though they are usually not quite as inspired as they are after hearing Prem Rawat sing. Wondering about the effects of practising Maharaji's Knowledge?  

Malcolm Davey was one of the first premies recruited in Australia and has been involved with audio-visual work for Guru Maharaj Ji, Maharaji and Prem Rawat for 35 years. He lost his hair quite early in life.

"And then on the last day, you know, it seemed like so much was happening, Maharaji had talked and given so much inspiration and then just when you thought it was over and that was it, then this happened."

"For this was certainly a wonderful opportunity for me, to be at a program in India with my Teacher and for the first time that I know of, certainly the first time I'd ever seen it, to see Maharaji sing and we saw totally at ease and happy. I, I felt like I was at a party with him and, and he just took me somewhere else to a feeling of Wow, you know, this is what it feels like to be somewhere with my Teacher and have him give me, it felt like a part of him, a part of his happiness, his experience and it just felt wonderful."

"I feel like I'm so grateful that I got to go because it was an amazing time for me and the thing that I remember the clearest is the night that he sang. He was up on stage and he was pulling all of us in to particpate with him in such a way that I felt just like a little child so full of delight and happiness and so simple and it was a feeling I remember from my childhood and I remember it from being an adult as well but I don't have it all the time and I love it and I loved being there."

"Usually when a program finishes I'm a bit sad, you know at the end of the evening and at the end of this evening I wasn't because I realised that after a day's break we were going to be able to come back and celebrate Diwali with him, that second evening. And it just made the whole thing more special."

It seems very unlikely that practising the techniques of meditation revealed in Maharaji's Knowledge could directly alter the artistic or aesthetic sense of Prem Rawat's devotees. It appears that their extremely enthusastic, orgiastic reaction to his dancing and public singing is conditioned by their religious faith and concepts about the supernatural qualities of his person.

Diwali, The Festival of Lights, is one of the most important Hindu religious festivals. It is not one of the 3 major Festivals celebrated by Prem Rawat and his devotees in the West. These are Hans Jayanti, Holi and Guru Puja. Here is a clip of a dance from that Diwali celebration.

Here you can download separate parts of the whole 10 minute dirge/bhajan or merely the lowlights.

Highlights of Prem Rawat's first public singing performance. (11 meg)

The 1st part of Prem Rawat's first public singing performance. (6 meg)

The 2nd part of Prem Rawat's first public singing performance. (8 meg)

The 3rd part of Prem Rawat's first public singing performance. (11 meg)

The 4th part of Prem Rawat's first public singing performance. (11 meg)

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