Rawat Arrives In The West

"Just got this new house in Golders Green which had sort of been a big step forward from this little tiny basement flat we had in in West Ken Kensington. And it had a pay phone and I remember I was walking out and the going to work and the phone rang and I picked it up and there was this voice from India eeah it wasn't Maharaji it was a this girl woman ringing from Bombay sayin' um Maharaji ??? wants to come to the UK umm you know are you ready you know to organise events for him and uh it was like 'Yes! ah yes yeah where when's he coming?' 'Two weeks' it was like I was like fell through the floor you know it was like totally totally and utterly stunned."

So it was as a teacher that this 13 year old schoolboy had been invited to fly the 6,000 miles fro Delhi to London on his school vacation.

"Maharaji was coming, we were excited, nervous, apprehensive, umm, it was just an extraordinary day. Ahh we'd got the main thing sorted out umm we'd got a house for him to come to, we'd managed to find someone who knew who knew somebody ahh who had this very nice house where a house way beyond sort of our sort of expenditure prepared to allow us to have this house on on reasonable terms in Chelsea just off the King's Rd."

"It was such an experience seeing him getting off the plane like with coming with such a message with such feeling that I know I felt so much and so many other people did just like we'd been waiting forever somehow just for that moment."

"And he just steps off the plane in Heathrow here with hehe and just walks out into that eeah into a world where he doesn't know anything that's going to go on, what's going to happen to him yeah whether we're going to look after him or not you know whether he's going to get fed or not ."

Maharaji gave his first public address in the West at the Conway Hall in London on the 19th June.