This video, entitled Boundless, is part of a series that include 'Windows In Time', 'I Have This Knowledge' and 'Passages'. They show a highly edited and singular vision of Prem Rawat's history in the West, very upbeat, ignoring the family fiascos, bad publicity about Rawat's ulcers and money grabbing and failure of the 1970's drive to "bring peace to the world". To a greater or lesser degree they seek to give a "revisionist" history of Divine Light Mission and Elan Vital while ignoring the dramatic fall in the number of devotees since Prem Rawat took full control of proselytisation in the early 1980's and use the same, albeit mild, ad hominem attacks on those former followers who publicly criticise Prem Rawat.

In a very real sense, all the devotees who accept the message of these videos become complicit in the deceit and lies that are ingrained in Prem Rawat's public activities and that have dramatically increased since the early 1980's.


The car door is opened, the 5' 2" Master steps out wearing a hat and the premie bows his head as the Master passes by.

The scene shifts to an expectant crowd, the Master arrives! Note the tall, sandy coloured hair premie on the right. Can you imagine being that humble and worshipful?

This scene is taken from the 1974 'Wedding Video'. Apparently the larger scene it was taken from caused quite an uprising amongst the male premies as Durga Ji's untrammelled breasts swayed backwards and forwards as she was filmed running along the beach in slow motion.

"You have unlocked all my doors
And filled my empty rooms with more."

When Prem Rawat came to Australia in 1974 he dressed in a loud suit and went for an environmentally unsound spin in a speedboat on Sydney Harbour while his devotees spent the weekend in dingy halls talking about their spiritual growth or lack thereof.

The video moves on the the late 1970's. In this scene, which looks like it was filmed in the Kissimee swamp in Florida, Hans Jayanti 1978, the devotees of Prem Rawat filed between two ranks of chosen "devoted devotees" to inspire them before they entered the tunnel and walked along a blue carpet through the dark to the throne on which Prem Rawat sat accepting their kissing of his feet and their "dedication envelopes" in the ritual of "darshan".

Darshan occurs in two forms, the premies file past their Lord bowing and kissing his feet, usually in a darkened tunnel, or the Lord drives past them as they stand assembled along his chosen path.

The song lyrics: "This could be Paradise, this could be Paradise.

For two years Prem Rawat shifted his headquarters to Miami, where he eventually had hundreds of his followers living in old hotels working round-the-clock in a secret project to modify an old Boeing 707 to his specifications. It flew once or twice but was impractical and unaffordable and was quickly sold to the much larger and more financially viable organisation of the Maharishi of Transcendental Meditation fame.

"And it's an incredible thing and every Master has come in this world to show us what this life is, to show us what this meaning is, to show us what that love really is, a love that is not based on some reason."

A scene from the Hans Jayanti festival (in honour of Prem Rawat's father, the previous Master) in November, 1978 years before, the premies, then in their twenties, dancing with Prem Rawat, their Lord of the Universe.

Dance, dance, dance
Our hearts long to see you dance
It seems we've waited for ages
Turned countless pages
Can't wait much longer
The music's getting stronger
Dance, dance, dance

Elan Vital "inspirational" videos usually end with an uplifting ballad but in this case 'Boundless' ends with a medley of inspirational, uplifting ballads.

Gifts of love the fill my soul
An empty heart is now made whole
Where there was darkness shines bright
Even if I try I could not describe
The love you have brought inside my life
A mirror and a friend
n your love I can't pretend
A witness to love that you bring

How can I ever stop loving you?

When all the world is changing all around me

Whoever begs you for your help and your mercy

Oh where would I go?

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