Fear Of Fighting

"And so what is the purpose of this human life? Just to fight a fight that is never going to be won. You know and it's just like flying over here you can see all these gravestones and you can see all these graveyards and you can see all these headstones on the graveyard. And these obviously these people they have done for such a long time just fighting. For sort of an endless reason and then there they are, 6 feet under the ground with little slabs saying born in 18 something and uh died in 19 something and umm he was a good guy. And you know that's about it, that's the result of your whole fight, that's the end of your fight, that's the beginning of your fight, that's the, that's the motive of your fight. And yet there is so much in a greater purpose in our life, that we can realise, that we can understand, that can manifest within inside of us. And that's what we have to concentrate, that's where we have to motivate ourselves for."

The haven't even heard the 'satsang' and already they're tense as hell.