I Have This Knowledge

This video allows premies to reminisce about the "early days" in the 1970's when the 13 year old Prem Rawat first came to the West by watching small clips and still photos from the Divine Light Mission archives. The soundtrack is an upbeat, very subjective, edited "satsang" of Prem Rawat's talking about his early life in the West, some "interviews" with members of his inner circle and pointed comments about "Indian cultural" artifacts mistakenly taken up by young Westerners of the time that Prem Rawat has "removed" from Elan Vital doctrines along with the usual snippets of songs from the "Divine Light Mission Greatest Hits" catalogue. Only those parts of the songs that do not have to be "censored" are included.

The young guru talks of revealing the practical method of experiencing God, the source of life and how his soul is pure. He rhapsodises about the holiness and perfection of his Knowledge and how only one spark is enough to perfectify anything it touches.

You Are My Only Light

Guru Maharaj Ji
You are my only light
You gave me direction
The way is clear and bright
And I love you
I love you
I love you, my Lord

"It's the first time I saw him and I mean I had so many concepts of what this person should look like and act like and be like and Maharaji didn't fit any of those concepts."

- Linda Pascotto, President, Prem Rawat Foundation

"He treated us with incredible respect, so much love and respect."

- Sandy Collier

The picture shows some of the early inner circle of British premies: Mike Finch, Ron Geaves, Glen Whitaker and Mahatama Saphlanand (Brian ?????). Mike and Brian now publicly state that Prem Rawat is a bogus guru whose Knowledge is worthless at best and mentally and emotionally damaging. Ron and Glen continue to accept anything Prem Rawat says and does and consider him their Master.

And, and they had a great high chair

We were just a bunch of hippies trying to do a big setup for a big program you know with no mike, no proper mike stand, big chair, the ubiquitous white cloth draped over, we thought everything had to be white in those days.

The big chairs got bigger, higher, larger and more ridiculous for the next 10 years and Prem Rawat seemed to luxuriate in them without complaint. He only had to say something ...

"The Knowledge is everywhere, the God is everywhere. We have to only discover the God. I won't make a God for you and show you the God. Everybody wants perfect peace. A man who wants to realise that Holy Name, he will have to need a teacher for it, otherwise he can't hear it. To see your personal face, your personal face is with but can you see it? The God is within you but until you have the mirror of practical knowledge you can't see it, you won't be able to see it. When God is within you, how can you find it outside? It is within you and you have to get your mind, your ideas that are going outside and if we just control them and out them inside that's ???. The importance of the Knowledge is for everyone and I've come to bestow the knowledge in London and if you want it I can give you because it is within yourself. I will only show the mirror and you can see the .. thing. I am going to ... all these persons ....?"

Peace and bliss is Satguru

Somewhere beyond all reason
Far from all time and space
Is a valley deep with wisdom
And a mountain high with grace
Stop before you try to imagine
You can never comprehend
The peace and glory deep inside
With no beginning and no end
We love Guru Maharaj Ji
Know His Name, it's strong and true
Ask Him for His Perfect Knowledge
Peace and bliss is Satguru

"And this Knowledge is so Holy, so Perfect that one spark that comes out of this Knowledge is so perfect, so, so perfect, wherever it goes it hits, it makes it perfect and wherever it goes, again hits, it makes it perfect. Wherever just one spark of this Knowledge shines up, absolutely perfect. So that Knowledge I'm, I've got it here."

I guess every single spark of this so Holy, so Perfect Knowledge missed me. I mean how many nights did I have to sit in satsang? How many hours in meditation? I donated pretty well everything I had, wasn't that enough? Maybe I should have got back into the darshan line a few more times ...

"Right from London, flew over North Atlantic ocean, right to ???, right to Los Angeles"

"This Knowledge, because it is a very sweet fruit, whoever takes a bite feels the sweet and wants to take it more and more. It's not a thing that I'm a spiritual master, I can preach the knowledge then I should not retire. My soul is pure but not my body, it's a body same like you have got, I have got."

Not quite the same. Somewhat shorter, much more pudgy and corpulent and nowadays that face seems to be showing the signs of long years of dissipation.

An interview on morning television

M: And the same energy is making us alive, see, and that energy, which is within inside of us, the realisation of that energy is called Knowledge.

Bliss and the realisation of energy.

M: Yes, it's bliss, truth and consciousness.

Bliss, truth and consciosuness. Right now what is the truth?

M: The truth is something again it's infinite, you see, and it's not discoverable, if I want to tell you the experience of a pinch

Of a

M: pinch


M: Yes, it's going to quite hard for me to tell you that, you know.

Without actually pinching me.

M: Right, because it's practical, see, so until we really understand what istruth and realise what is Knowledge it'll be quite for hard for us to understand and for me to speak what really it is because it's the experience of something that is infinite you see, trying to put it into something that is completely finite.

Well, thank you very much for joining us this morning. I've enjoyed our conversation.

M: Pleasure.

And we'll be back after this message.

Spread This Knowledge

Then we'll all know satchitanand
And heaven will be here

Elan Vital videos always end on an "inspiring and uplifting" note playing one of the favourite old ballads, in this case "Spread This Knowledge".

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