LOTU Before The West

"He knew he had a mission to take Knowledge to the four corners of the world, as his father had told him to do. He wasn't going to mess around".

Now the teacher to thousands of people, Maharaji continued to attend school at St Joseph's Academy. For the next few years, he was to lead an unusual life, while excelling as a student on weekdays, he was speaking to tens of thousands of people as Master and Teacher on weekends and during school vacations.

In 1969 Maharaji began to attract the attention of people from the West who were coming to India in search of some form of truth or enlightenment.

"He asked me what I wanted and I said I wanted Peace (snigger) oh and it was very interestin' because his approach to that was the opposite to what I thought it would be. You would expect you you know if he was this kind of person out to get followers you know he'd say 'Right, come to me', oagh, 'I can give it to you' but actually he said the opposite he said 'I'm really young, you're not so old yourself, go and search the whole of India, there are millions of people here who promise peace. You know he said 'Check everything out' he said 'and if you can't find it anywhere else' he said 'Hold me in reserve'. (laughter) and you know 'I'll be around'. And I thought about that not for very long, just for a few seconds and I thought 'Well, it seems a bit of a waste really Maharaji to go chasin' all over India which might take me years when I think actually you've you've got the answer ot it here, here and now so can I please stay around?' And he said 'Sure, if you want to, you can'".

" I don't recall nearly all of the conversation but one thing he did say, he said 'This life is like a party, so we're all attending the party but we don't know who we are or who the other guests are or who our host is. He said 'I can show you who you are and who the other guests are and who your host is so you can enjoy the party and uh that sounded, that sounded very good".

"It was a time in my life when I really needed umm a sense of direction a sense of um yest there is a meaning there is a purpose. He kept on saying there was, he kept on saying there wasn't, we'd have an ongoing of 'Yes, there is', 'No there isn't', 'Yes, there is', 'No there isn't' and he just wore me down because of the the love".

Never forgetting that Knowledge should be made available around the world Maharaji encouraged these people from the West to go back to their own countries and start speaking about the possibility of Knowledge. He made it clear that one day he would follow

"I had no idea (pause) you know that it would come out and it you know it would be sort of you know Maharaji would actually come to the West and and uh it just didn't enter my head I just thought I'd be one of these lucky ones who sort of stumbled upon this thing in India".

"I remember there, there were a lot of undertones, ughhhh, that I was aware of living at Prem Nagar of a little bit of anxiety towards me of 'You're not going to think of asking him to leave India and go to America, are you?' you know".

"When Mata Ji found out, Maharaji's mother that he was going to go to England and we all were in Delhi and she, she said 'Are you, I heard that you are going to go to England?' He said 'Yes'. She said, 'I don't feel comfortable to send you at this age, you're only 13, going to the foreign countries. You have to complete your education.' And Maharaji said, 'Mata Ji, I wanted to learn English according to Shri Maharaji's wish which I have done. Now, I don't want to waste my time in school. Teachers in this school have nothing to teach about my topic, my subject and I'm fully confident to convey my message and this is the right time that I need to go.' So he was very strong in that feeling and on the other side she was not still comfortable to say OK you can go and then Maharaji di not want to you know get into argument and he just started shedding tears. Something was pulling him to come to the West and then Mata Ji looked at me and she said, 'Do you really think that Maharaji should come to England, go to England?' I said, 'That would be wonderful Mata Ji, so many people are longing to see him. I just simply showed his pictures and what they want to see him alive.' She said, 'OK, take hime but promise that you will bring Maharaji back to his school in 3 weeks.' I said, 'No problem!' (smiles broadly) I said to myself you know 'Future will take care of itself.'".