Media Reflections

These unusual events inevitably started to attract media attention. The boy guru was big news.

"Some of the interviews that Maharaji did were, I found, amazing. The way he answered the questions and he was not intimidated at all by anyone or by being interviewed on a top American television show or by the BBC."

Sandy Collier


"I guess in the beginning we used to think that the press would be helpful but you know as you get umm more experienced with the the press you realise that they're they're not so friendly, they they're always wanting an angle."

George Blodwell


"I mean they weren't looking to represent Maharaji's teachings, you know eumm and I mean they were looking for 13 year old umm umm Rolls Royce with flowers all over it that's what they were looking for in those sort of interviews."

Ron Geaves


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