What does Prem Rawat Reveal about Jesus Christ?

Prem Rawat has spoken about Jesus Christ many times and explained that Jesus revealed the same Knowledge as himself, his father and all the other Perfect Masters and all are able to inspire their followers with the same Grace to experience the pure energy of God but only a living Master can help a living person. In a Question and Answer session Prem Rawat taught this about Jesus:

Q. If I call myself a Christian and I believe in the things Jesus taught, would I want to receive Knowledge from you?
GMJ: Jesus taught this Knowledge.

Q. It wouldn't be like denying Jesus then?
GMJ. Jesus taught this Knowledge. Yes! Jesus taught this Knowledge. You won't be denying, you will be going further on the path, you'll be realizing who Jesus was. People think Jesus was a human being, but then they realize who Jesus was when they receive this Knowledge. We are looking at Jesus the same way as those crucifiers saw him, the same way, because we don't have what he was giving, we just have a memory of him, that's all. But when we receive that Knowledge, we really know what he gave to those twelve disciples. 1

So how are we going to recognize God as He comes on the earth? Are you going to ask to see His identity card or passport? See, if it says, "Name ... God. Occupation ... Generator, Operator, Destroyer." That is foolish! Or are you going to recognize Him only if He fits in with your mental picture of Him, what you have picked up from the scriptures and other impressions, what you imagine Jesus or Krishna looked like? But even two Christians will have different impressions of what Jesus looked like. So what will be recognized by one will not be recognized by the other. But the test of the Perfect Master will be that which is undeniable to everybody and that is the experience of himself which he can give, and that is the true Knowledge. 2

Prem Rawat explained at Millenium that Jesus taught the same Knowledge which was keeping the disciples alive then as he teaches what is keeping us alive now: "Because whatever Jesus taught to his disciples has not disappeared, it's still there. Because that time if those people staying alive is because of the same Knowledge and if this time people are going to stay alive it's because of the same Knowledge. You're alive because of that same Knowledge."


The previous Perfect Master, Prem Rawat's father Shri Hans wrote about the unity of religions and the life of Jesus: "On the surface it may seem as though the paths taken by various saints are different from one another, but they all lead to this same place. The same state of consciousness which Buddha attained by following the path of devotion, and which Christ reached by following the path of devotion can also be reached by the active path, karma yoga. Although the enlightened one, Buddha, was a karma yogin, and Jesus was a pious devotee, both of them reached the same state."

Prem Rawat has explained why he is not recognised today: "And so, this whole quest, this whole chase of humanity is just going to go on. I mean, obviously, Jesus came, Ram came, Mohammed came, Buddha came, and today we follow their footsteps. Great. Fantastic! Do we also know what happened at that time? People rejected. People refused. Now, have we taken preventive measures? Have we been quarantined against this? Have we had our innoculations? So that when Lord comes this time everybody is going to say, "Right on! I accept you." No! Just simply, people haven't." 3

In his Christmas Satsang in 1980 in front of 4 or 500 premies he explained the meaning of Christmas and life: "But what was the meaning to like the devotees of that time of the Perfect Master, what were the meanings to them? And it was incredible because there was this point you know where Peter just got up and said to Jesus, he said “You are, you know, you are the Son of God, you are the Savior” and Jesus turned to Peter and said “You know, you’re really lucky, you’re really fortunate. And obviously no mortal man has told you this but this is very fortunate for you to understand that, it‘s very fortunate for you to realize that. And all of a sudden the, the importance shifts, the emphasis shifts from gifts and Christmas trees and Christmas lights and everything and for a devotee centers around being saved, it centers around to have that devotion, to have that love. All of a sudden it takes on a meaning that’s real, that’s substantial, that has truly a meaning because is a meaning. It has meant something, it has given that person, that devotee, a hope in life."  You can listen to this satsang: Christmas Satsang, December 25, 1980

Prem Rawat explicitly stated that Jesus was Guru Maharaj Ji: "Nobody thinks about why Jesus came into this world. Nobody thinks of that: what's really true of Knowledge, why Jesus came as Guru Maharaj Ji for those devotees, revealed Knowledge to them, gave them that experience. Nobody remembers that. Because Christ came. His purpose, was for sat chit and anand. What he came in this world for, what he revealed in this world, was this Knowledge, that love, that devotion." 4

In the Divine Times, in 1978, page 33 an article explained how Maharaji deserved the luxurious lifestyle he has and his followers have donated for him. It was ordained by Jesus as quoted in the Gospel of John 12:3.

Judas was shocked when Mary Magdalen poured her precious ointment onto the feet of Christ. He told her that it could have been sold, and the money distributed to the poor. But Christ said that she had done well, that the poor were always around, but that he would not be with his disciples much longer. In a similar way, people question the disciples of Guru Maharaj Ji because we give him tiny presents, cars, aeroplanes, flowers. Yet somehow the message manages to get across to those who need to hear it.

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