Does Prem Rawat's Eldest Brother Claim to be the Perfect Master?

At the death of the previous Perfect Master, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, the sensible "worldly" option would have been for a mature, realised devotee or the eldest son to become the next Perfect Master. Bal Bhagwan Ji as Mata Ji called him appeared to be the most intelligent, handsome son, thin and charismatic. However Shri Hans had already decided who would receive the empowerment and until Prem Rawat's marriage, Bal Bhagwan appeared to live the role of greatest servant and devotee.

At his mother's behest he forgot the words of his father “You are the older brother. Never try to make yourself anything. Try to help your brother….” as quoted by Bihari Singh in He allowed himself to become the replacement Perfect Master.

Most of the Indian premies and virtually all of the mahatmas obeyed Mata Ji and Bal Bhagwan Ji who, after a protracted court case, won ownership of the name and property of Divine Light Mission in India. As a young boy Prem Rawat or Maharaji's had accused the Indian premies of being "lost in illusion"in his famous "Peace Bomb" Satsang. The young Western premies either rejected both sides or accepted they were witnessing a lila.
Mata Ji empowered her eldest son, Bal Bhagwan Ji, as the new Guru Maharaji or "Perfect Master" Satpal Ji. The millions of Indian devotees and thousands of mahatmas seemed quite content with the new Satguru and rejected the "playboy" Prem Rawat.
In the past 30 years Satpal Rawat has enjoyed a successful career as a politician, a family man with two sons, the head of a large organisation of millions of devotees, continuing the work of his father but according to Prem Rawat and his followers he is not a true Perfect Master.

Compare these recent photos of the brothers.
Satpal Ji has numerous followers in England of Indian descent and an informative web site with much, possibly hagiographic, information about his and Prem Rawat's parents though no mention is made of the prodigal son..

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