Early History of Prem Rawat in 'Passages'

The small minority of premies who have remained devoted to Prem Rawat long enough to age from "premies" to "students" do have one thing in common, a surprisingly strong and apparently unwarranted devotion to Prem Rawat and belief in his super competence and power to which they attribute everything good in their lives.

Adwetanand Swarupanand Shri Hans

"He was Maharaji, and he was already the central figure in a truly remarkable and timeless story. History tells us there have always been Masters or teachers who have helped people experience an innate beauty in their lives. Maharaji's father, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj, had been the student of such a Master named Swarupanand. On Swarupanand's passing, Shri Hans Ji Maharaj became Master in 1936, he spent the next 30 years of his life spreading the Knowledge his Master had shown him."

Sampuranand speaks of the passing of Shri Hans and the incarnation of Prem Rawat (Maharaji), the present Perfect Master.

"He stepped forward and he gave the hope to thousands of people who were crying and wondering and he promised then, "Don't worry, your Master is with you always," and he said "I will take care of Knowledge. I will try to spread the same Knowledge as Shri Maharaj Ji was doing."

Joan Apter introduces His first U.S. satsang.

His first U.S. satsang:

"We have this human body but we have to even realise why that Supreme Being, that Lard has given us this human frame."

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