Projection - Reality - Delusion

"Yes I guess that people did put like God on him, you know and that he he would know everything so not only did he, was he whatever we would imagine a realised soil soul an enlightened soul that somehow meant that he would know everything."

"And so we projected those ideas onto him and that that was a problem, aah it made it difficult to see him as he was and to really see Knowledge as it was and I think that has been one of his greatest challenges is to preserve the real recognition that people were having in their hearts for both him and as they experienced it for Knowledge."

"I'm I'm as guilty as anyone. I, I, I probably endowed him lots of uh extra-terrestrial powers that he didn't have. But he must, he had the power to win my heart and if somebody could do that, for me, that's more powerful than, than, I can't explain but it's more powerful than, than, I can find words for."

No problem, George, I can find the words. You, like millions of people, are worshipping a cult leader. It's no big deal, there are hundreds, if not, thousands of them and they win peoples' hearts with very little effort and no requirement whatsoever to be authentic.

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