Receiving Knowledge

It contains some footage of Prem Rawat in a Pre-Knowledge session, speaking and answering some questions. It also contains interviews with some people before receiving Knowledge (aspirants), directly after receiving Knowledge and up to a year later.

His concept of religion is exceedingly shallow and doesn't seem to have matured since he was 11 years old and proclaimed that "People think God is a man. I do not know whether he is demeaning the experience of people whose religion doesn't include him as the divinity through ignorance or as a tool of propaganda. I don't know what to think about his answer to the question if people without Knowledge can be happy.

It is very easy to take Knowledge and to take what I am doing and put it on the parallel tracks of religion but this is about as far from religion as it gets. Because religion is a discipline so that after you die you go to heaven. You do all, you do everything right, then you got the Indian heaven, you got a Chinese heaven, you got you know this heaven, you got that heaven, busy place."


"I'm not saying that those people who don't have Knowledge are gonna go to hell." "But can they be happy?" (voice from audience) "Huh?" "Can they be happy?" (voice from audience) "Can they be happy? Without going to hell? Ha ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha ha. Um. Uh uh."

The breakdown of figures based upon known percentage for a year during this period would be 130,000 in India, 9,970 everywhere else in the world for a period of at least a decade. Not very impressive.

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