You Are My Saviour

This video, titled 'You Are My Saviour', a Divine Light Mission release, was produced in 1980. It contains some different scenes of Prem Rawat dancing, encoring his dancing and "sharing satsang" ie giving extemperaneous speeches in his inimitable style and surprisingly unpleasant shouting. Unfortunately, age has diminished the quality of the picture and sound though everything is completely legible.

Despite later Elan Vital propaganda stating that Prem Rawat at no time believed or encouraged beliefs in his own divinity or identity to the God Krishna, this video taken at nearly the zenith of the "super-devotional" period of Divine Light Mission just before it was renamed Elan Vital shows him openly making such claims. It includes a small segment in which he "explains" exactly what this "Knowledge" is and why we should beg him for his "Gift of Knowledge." It features 3 songs 'You Are My Saviour', 'I Just Want To Dance With You' and a South American style tune all of which feature the interpretative divine dance of Guru Maharaj Ji as he was then known or Marahaji or Prem Rawat as he now calls himself.

The video opens with a pretty straightforward statement about Prem Rawat's role on earth, a song called 'You Are My Saviour', long version @ 4 :55 or 'You Are My Saviour', a short version @ 1:38. The song is played over scenes of Prem Rawat driving one of his many expensive cars and flying in one of his helicopters.

During the playing of that song Prem Rawat's wife is shown crowning him with the crown of Krishna whose costume he is wearing and then doing full pranam (lying on the ground in front of him) and kissing his feet in adoration.


"To experience an experience that Guru Maharaj Ji wants to give us. You know it's very easy to get spaced out in this world. It's very easy to get lost in this world and it's very easy to forget there is somebody called a Saviour. And yet that's our greatest mistake, we forget. We forget that yes we can be helped, yes that we can be saved, yes that we do need to be saved We all really, really, really, really need to be saved. And without being saved in this world where are we going to be?""

"Because the precious gift we have been given is incredible. It is upon which the universe is existent. It is upon which this entire human life depends on. It is what sustains us. It is what is everywhere. It is life, it is energy in the purest form, it is the real you and me. It is the Creator, it is what the moon dances on. It is what makes the sun shine. It is the essence of this entire existence wherever that existence is."


"To get on my hands and knees and to beg, it feels so good. (shouting) It feels so good to beg. You know why. Because when we do get on our hands and knees we realise we had never for anything to give to anybody anyway. Born beggar. To beg the Ultimate One in our heart. To beg that Emperor for that solution in our heart. The most majestical thing that happens to a human being or can ever happen to a human being. To open myself up, me, to beg Him, a moment between me and the Ultimate Being. A moment for me to have with that Ultimate Thing, a personal audience (shouting) and I know that when I beg the Emperor is listening to me. (shotsing) In this whole world the Creator of billions and billions and billions of souls is listening to me. The Sustainer, the Generator the Destroyer of this entire (long pause) thing, not just the world, above and beyond by His Grace I have captured a moment between me and Him and nothing stands in our way. It is complete, it is the Ultimate, it ie real and when I become like that in my heart then that Gift is given to me (shouting) a Gift which ia a part of Him, a Gift that's His, Him, He doesn't just give a third thing, He gives Himself."


"Besides all the little other factors a human being is really fortunate because he can attain all this, (shouting) a Saviour comes for him."

Satsang ends with the usual shouted hosanna: "Bhole Shri Satguru Dev Maharaj Ki Jai", and then Prem Rawat, the Guru Maharaj Ji itself, sits and smiles while One Foundation plays 'I Surrender to my Satguru Dev' and then after whispering some instructions slips away to slide into something more comfortable.

Excitement builds and the crowd dances while awaiting the return of their Guru Maharaj Ji. They expect some divine darshan dancing because the band is playing 'I Just Want To Dance With You'. Prem Rawat returns to the stage dressed in one of his Krishna costumes with a frontal section designed to hide his flabby man boobs, bows his head in meditation for 2 or 3 seconds, fiddles with some controls built into his throne, then chews on some courage enhancers while looking uncomfortable for over 3 minutes before standing up and commencing waving his arms and moving slightly from side to side while the band continue to sing 'I Just Want To Dance With You' even though everybody is dancing with him. He seems to be waving his arms to the beat of a different drummer, maybe to the sound of universes being created and destroyed.

Prem Rawat looking extremely comical with his legs wrapped in an extraordinarily billowy dhoti{?) resembles a satyr with a fat ass (arse), though it does make his body look thinner by comparison. He is only in his early 20's but is extremely unfit and cannot continue to "dance" ie wave his arms for very long. After less than 2 minutes of galactic surrealism amid occasional cries and screams of extreme ecstacy and adoration, he sits down.


But wait, there's more.

The band breaks into something South Americanish and everybody knows that even short, fat, exhausted little Indian guys can't resist that rhythm when they're the Lord of the Universe.

He's up and dancing again after only a brief rest, standing up and commencing waving his arms and moving slightly from side to side but faster and totally embodying the South American feel and rhythm as you can see from the pictures below or click on any of them to see the video.


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