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Only RVSM MASPS compliant aircraft likely to fly in EUR RVSM Airspace (as advised to the User Support Cell) are shown here.

Please contact the EUR RVSM User Support Cell if: 

  • You would like to confirm the data we hold on other (Non-MASPS) Airframes in your fleet.
  • You have an Airframe ready for monitoring (MASPS compliant), but it is not shown in this list.
  • Any of the details shown are incorrect.
  • An Airframe has a MODE-S Code but is shown as "No" here.

Being listed in this table does not mean that the aircraft is RVSM approved; the table only reflects the RVSM compliance status as notified by the aircraft operator, and the monitoring status. RVSM approval is granted by the operator's State Authority (see Approval Requirements), and RVSM approvals are not listed in this web site.




MODE-S code known by USC

Compliant HMU Flight

Compliant GMU Flight

GLF5 N54PR Yes Yes Yes
  • Airframe Monitoring results are only shown if the Airframe has met the performance compliance criteria (as specified in TGL/6). 
  • Where problems are experienced with monitoring, the EUR User Support Cell will contact the Operator directly. 

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