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Posted by: Marshall
06/07/2003, 21:49:26


"Fact: There are hundreds of thousands of people around the world who will swear by him and Knowledge that it has changed their lives for the better, brought peace into their lives, and fulfilled them."

I resent this statement very much. It certainly is not a "fact" that "hundreds of thousands" of people swear by rawat and his "knowledge". How can you say this? a more accurate IMHO estimate would be 5-10,000 max, westerners. As far as the Indian contingent goes they are certainly well under 100,000, and besides they don't really count since most of them worship multiple gurus. They treat it more like following favorite sports teams or rock bands. They also aren't very important to rawat financially, which, we agree, is his primary concern. What is important to rawat is the westerners, that's why he's here.

There is no way that there are hundreds of thousands, no way. Even if you count people that have "dropped out" but still credit rawat with 'bringing peace to their lives' which is of course debatable anyway. 

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