Controversy Over Colston Hall Dates By Ex-Guru.
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Controversy Over Colston Hall Dates By Ex-Guru.

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6 June 2003
Bristol Evening Post
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A Controversial organisation has booked Bristol's Colston Hall for a weekend of events when they will attempt to recruit new members.

Elan Vital is charging people 16 per day to attend its events at the Bristol City Council-owned venue on Saturday and Sunday, June 14 and 15.

The audience will be addressed by Prem Rawat, who is billed as a motivational speaker.

Mr Rawat used to be known as the Guru Maharaji, and Elan Vital as the Divine Light Mission.

Founded in India, the Divine Light Mission established itself in the US and Europe in the 1970s. At the time, the media dubbed Mr Rawat 'The Boy Guru' and his organisation attracted widespread publicity and controversy.Mr Rawat has been accused of using money gained through the organisation to fund a lavish lifestyle.

Ian Haworth, from educational charity Cult Information Centre, said: "We remain very concerned about this group and their activities.

"I have received complaints about this group for most of the 24 years that I've been working full-time in this field.

"I can understand why the council would rent the venue out to them, but I think it would be better if they did say no." An Elan Vital representative said: "We would like to counter the suggestion that this is a religious movement. Prem Rawat teaches no code, creed or dogma. He merely teaches a practical path to inner happiness.

"Prem Rawat receives no fee or remuneration from his speaking engagements other than reimbursed travel expenses.

"As a successful private investor he supports himself and his family through independent means. He lives a comfortable life and makes no secrets about it." The spokesperson said: "The event has sold out rapidly. There has been an overwhelmingly positive response from the Bristol area." A City Council spokesman said: "It's a private letting and we're not advertising or promoting it. As long as they pay the bill and they're not doing anything criminal or in breach of the letting conditions we don't mind what they get up to."


This is the Cult Information Centre main home page.

This is what the Cult Information Centre has on Rawat.

And here is the link for above article on Bristol Evening Post's website:

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