The Children
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Posted by: Gregg
06/08/2003, 07:19:40


Yeah.  The kids. 

I was always pegged for childcare "service" cuz I loved kids.  However, in retrospect, I can see that the kids realized that I loved Daddy Guru a lot more than I loved them.

Children were always second-class citizens in DLM . In some cults, kids were coddled and cultivated as future members.  But Prem Pal's bottom line was always the bottom line.  So kids were "in the way," not making any money.

He tolerated kids; gave them playgrounds at Kissamee, etc., but kids, aside from his, were nothing more than a money drain, as far as I could see, in my few years in The Mission.

Of course, I'm just a bitter old premie.  I'm sure that, these days, Maharaji (um...the Speaker) is funding all kinds of wonderful programs for all children...especially his follower's children...with the funds from his income as a "private investor."


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