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Posted by: Samady
06/08/2003, 06:38:14



1-The money he charged over the years for us to see him, being that he made us sooooooo needy of his darshan!  HE EVEN MADE US KISS HIS STINKY FEET!

The whole thing was based on the premise that he was in a divine state 24/7.  Therefore, we cooperated with anything & everything under the circumstances.  Now he says he is not realized.  

2- The CASH money we put in the donation boxes at the events he presented.

Again, we thought we were advancing the Lord's work on earth, helping to bring peace to the planet.  He scoffed at cash and asked for it in the next breath in an indirect way, or had one of his agents do the 'dirty work' of asking for it at 'special participation meetings', i.e. fundiraising meetings.   

3-  The money HE made selling us his PHOTOS, VIDEOS, MUSIC, FOOD,ETC.

Same thing.  We believed we were helping to save the planet, and ourselves as well by focussing on his image in all his different expensive outfits at his different exotic locations.  Meanwhile, he was sewing his golden parachute, investing and buying property on several continents.

4-  The money many send directly to him to Malibu, as one of my premie friend did, hoping to be invited to be invited to RAWAT's residence to slave.

I never had enough chips to play at that table.

5-  The money "WE WERE SUGGESTED TO DONATE" to support propagation.  How many people have received knowledge,really?

Good question.  Does that include the mass sessions in India?

6- Buying his planes, helicopters, MANSION. All was a good inversion... for him.

You betcha.

7-  The money he used to give his children the best when our children were second bananas.

Now we are getting into some sensitive issues...that irks me now, to know that he craps in a golden toilet, his kids drive expensive cars and go to fine schools, and live in one of the most opulent places on earth, while mine have to deal with lower income issues and how to relate to a dad who followed a guru for years and donated money when there was not even enough for us, believing that if I gave  I would always be taken care of.  I tried that for awhile, and then stopped when I did not get the results as needed. 

8- The money he gave his misstress.

Words cannot express....@#!*&%#!!

He lived with our money: He came to the WEST broke, in his own words....Oh, I could go on and on....The guy cannot even talk...

Do go on and on, Gregg.  It's good for you and also for whoever reads it.


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