Not only our money & labor, but our neshumas
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Posted by: Samady
06/09/2003, 09:54:37


Not only did we pour out our money and our labor to him

But we poured out our souls to him

Our very life force, our spirit, devotional love

Love that was meant for ourselves and our friends

Love that was meant for our parents, siblings, children, spouses

Love that was meant for God Almighty for those who believe in such 

Love that was meant for the appreciation of Life itself

Without anyone else in the loop, just each of us and ourselves or our God

Whatever each believes or disbelieves without judgement or bias

Money can be replaced

Worn out, tired bodies can be rejuvenated and healed

Soul and spirit can be reunited with its Self

We can deal with this

He did not give up all his human relationships to serve his GMJ

But he told us that is what we have to do to be true devotees

That is until he suddenly closed the ashrams

And deposited his most dedicated devotees on the streets

Do as I say not as I do never impressed me as a cool way of teaching

We gave him our Trust one of the most precious gifts one can give another

And the All-Knowing One did not know how sick some of his chosen were

Those he chose to carry his message to the premies and the rest of the world

But are his cars and jets oil changed on time and regularly?  You bet.

Is he pro-actively protecting his financial empire?  Absolutely.

The money and the labor we gave were the least of it. 

They can be recouped easier than the rest of what we gave.

We can deal with this.


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