Not only our money, our labor made him rich
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Posted by: Joy
06/08/2003, 23:38:03

What about the labor of all the thousands of premies who devoted themselves to full time service in his ashram for years and years? I, personally, worked 8-10 hour days, seven days a week, for probably close to eight years. What about adding all that in?

We were told to dedicate our LIVES, not just our money. This included all our possessions, which went first, of course. Many people handed over trust funds, real estate and large financial gifts during this process of giving over their lives. That's how Maharaji has become the successful private investor he claims to be today. Of all the phrases about Rawat I have read here, that one is most disgusting. It's down to US, and the sacrifices we all made, that make him the rich man he is today. He is nothing more than a thief and con man and to masquerade as a "successful private investor" is totally sickening and makes a mockery of the years of devotion and hard graft that many many people gave to him. We sacrificed starting our own lives, families and careers to serve him and in the process made him the wealthy man he is today. How much richer today we would we all be if we'd taken the fruits (i.e. money) of that labor and invested it in real estate? A damn site richer, that's for sure.

He should be forced to give it all back. Rawat should liquidate ALL his assets gained in this manner, and every premie who slaved away in the ashram for no wages, every premie who spent time at DECA wrecking their health in a toxic environment with little sleep, every premie who ever donated his time to one of the countless premie businesses which sent all their profits to Rawat, should receive a check in the mail from such proceeds, and he should slink back to India where he came from and retire out of sight and quit ripping people off both spiritually and financially.

There, end of rant, that felt good to get out he really pisses me off sometimes, it's like he's thumbing his nose at us and getting away with it, making a mockery of what he did to us all those years ago. He reminds me of one of those mythological snakes sitting atop a pile of gold. I hope it chokes him.

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