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Posted by: Factual?
06/09/2003, 09:25:24

To: College/University Presidents, Campus Newspaper Editors, Covention Center owners, Public Library System Administrators.

In the name of free speech and all that is sacred, please be advised that someone may be speaking at your school or town (or in your library, where speech is forbidden) and that people may opt to choose to listen to this speaker when he discusses 'that which is beautiful and timeless within them, irrespective of their culture, religion, political view or circumstance.'

We feel (that's me and several people who I met on the internet, all with impeccable perception and unblemished histories) that the chance of someone being exposed to a discourse about light, love, acceptance and inner peace at a time of such violence and instability on the world scene is a chance that you, in your capacity as administrators, should be loathe to take. There are many stories about this man that have spread on the internet, and, as you well know, everything that you read is true. Just ask Richard Gere.

Allow me to mention one other name: Jim Jones. Both male, both bipedal, both about the same height, give or take a foot.

We feel instead, that you should take this same time and follow the ongoing, illuminating dialogue between Jim and Sandy or Patrick's witty & concise rebuttal to Gerry, not to mention Cynthia's all-embracing global view or Silvia's generous offer of enlightenment to all who approach her. This is where the real action is! These people are fearlessly typing away, with a warmth and charm that are literally infectious.

The leader of this nefarious cult has changed his name more times than Puff Daddy. At one time, it was Maharaj ji. Then, under the fetid cover of simplification, a j was removed for the contraction Maharaji. Can you believe this level of deception!! Now it seems this man has the audacity to use his given name, Prem Rawat, in a blatant attempt to pull the wool over the public's eyes. So what if he mentions or makes jokes about the title and given name - the point is there are no Js in Prem Rawat. Not a single J! This man must be stopped.

Don't allow him to speak! Plants may spontaneously wilt if you let him. People naturally feel ill in his presence. My horse bucked me bigtime and this man was nowhere to be found to cushion my fall.

I have a quote here from 1974 on the subject of fish and menthol cigarettes that directly contradicts Mr. Addansubtracta Js words of 1997 that is absolute proof that this man has no special gift, speaking ability or positive impact on ANYONE's life, anywhere on earth. Nope, nothing special there, unh, unh. Don't let him speak!

While I have the attention of the librarians, allow me to mention that the Dewey Decimal System, along with the Smart Cards that Mr. Howmanyjis and his zombie drones use to 'simplify' attendance at his events, are two of the most evil, totalitarian technologies ever employed for the subjugation of our species and should be a flashing red light to all who approach them.

Here's a chance for you to cast the first stone! Trust us, we've been there and everyone who's ever been exposed to this 5' 3" menace has had exactly the same experience.

He wants your boat! He wants your wife! If you're boatless or wifeless, he has no interest in you. If you're a John, a Joanne or a Jessie, I fear for the safety of your name. He'll steal your Js and redistribute them at his whim.

Stop him now! Don't let him speak! Don't allow your students or local citizenry to decide for themselves! And for God's sake, eliminate the Dewey Decimal System!

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