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Posted by: Cynthia
06/09/2003, 18:13:17

Now you must be Factual. Btw, that doesn't even come close to satire. Let me ask you about Freedom of Speech and Maharaji:

1. Do you remember at the Hans Jayanti 1979 Festival when Maharaji banned all chit-chat except sharing satsang? He was quite stern about his rule at the time and it was goddamned weird trying to have a conversation with folks.

2. Were you around when Maharaji banned all satsang and told all premies NOT to speak about their experience of Knowledge to others, including other premies?

3. Were you around when the edict came from Maharaji to burn and destroy all materials relating to his Lord of the Universe days, including books, tapes, videos, and films?

4. Have you ever attended a closed meeting with Maharaji or read any of the transcripts of the same when premies asked Maharaji legitimate questions, only to have him respond to them with ridicule?

5. Did you know that during the current programs that Maharaji holds called "Expression Sessions" that all questions are pre-screened? Where's the Freedom of Speech there? Why doesn't Maharaji ever answer regular, legitimate questions? No, I'm not talking about getting answers through watching videos, I'm talking about asking him a direct question, student to teacher in a face to face situation. And, why are these expressions limited only to gratitude and other questions -- anything at all -- are not allowed?

6. Have you ever heard of cult indoctrination or coercive persuasion? That's what Maharaji does when he "speaks." It has nothing to do with Freedom of Speech. See? I capitalize those words because that's what IS allowed here on this forum, or I should call it Freedom of Writing.

You have just enjoyed Freedom of Speech by posting what you wrote above. Try enjoying that freedom when you're around Maharaji and other premies. Voice doubts globally!

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