Taking responsibility
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Posted by: Jean-Michel
02/27/2003, 12:05:00


I've recently had a long phone conversation with a pwk who's name has been mentioned on the forums. The guy is still a believer, and he's worried because the Internet search engines now have quite some data on him being a former manager in EV etc. I told him there is nothing I can do about it, none of what's been written (now stored in the archives) is defamatory - we agreed on this point - and the only thing that's actually bothering him is that his name is now openly associated with EV and Rawat.

We talked and talked about it, and I finally asked him why he wouldn't endorse responsibility for what he's done for decades ? Why can't he - like me and so many other former devotees - be responsible for his deeds and beliefs ? There are even present devotees that openly say they're believers, some even have web pages, and advertise Rawat and his tprf ! Of course he got mute on this issue. Then he started to seduce me a bit - talking about our past so called 'friendship' etc

Plus the fact that, as hes been in charge for such a long time, hell never be able to stop people talking about him on the Internet. Then why not make a public statement, and take responsibility ? Shall he ever become an adult ?

I guess he was a bit pissed off, but maybe his brain will start functioning again one day .

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