I think that we weren't selfish enough to be true premies
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Posted by: Roger eDrek
02/27/2003, 12:27:09



Maharaji has never done anything for anybody.  And it will be a cold day in hell when he does.  The fundraising is only to fuel his excesses.  How can a 100 plus foot yacht do anything to help propagation or to aleviate human suffering?  It doesn't.

It's a very elitist and layered world for Maharaji and his followers.  You're either with him and cream of the crop and free of karma or you are lost in This World.  Of course, This World is nothing more than a snake pit where you get what you deserve.

And there are many, many layers existing within Maharaji's world.  We've heard recently that there were various inner circles of ex-premiedom here.  Hello!  How many inner cirlces are there in Maharaji's kingdom?  Countless and all based on how much money you donate.  And it's all tracked via SmartCard.

Yes, I felt trapped.  I felt split.  I wanted to feel like I was doing something to help the causes I believed in.  And I did give money to those causes.  But, there was a time in the 90's before I split when I signed up for monthly contributions.  And at special fundraising meetings I could see that I was in the upper crust of regular contributors and I felt proud.  I felt proud that I KNEW WHERE IT WAS AT.  And at the same time I'd was giving the cold shoulder to the other real organizations with the quick:

"I'm giving money to the one cause that will stop all human suffering.  These others are merely misguided.  They don't know the Lord of the Universe is here and He's come to show us the way."

Yes, my money was going to something that would really make a difference.

So, coming to the ex-premie forum and hearing some of their complaints I began to have doubts.   I had doubts that Maharaji was really a worthwhile cause.  And it really did make sense because deep down it just didn't feel right.  Nothing was happenning.  The numbers were all cooked.  More and more was being asked of the local communities and less and less was really happenning.  Yet, HQ or whatever wanted more and more for whatever.

Years and years ago, people told me that Maharaji was just in it for the money.  I knew they didn't know how it really was.  I knew, alright.  Oh, I knew.  And I also knew that I no longer believed.  It just took awhile for me to get the courage to say enough is enough.



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