But some premies were so nice ....
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Posted by: Jean-Michel
02/28/2003, 13:27:41


I vividly remember an episode back in the late 70s in the ashram. I was that ashram secretary/housefather at that time, and one premie (woman) started to have serious mental problems. (That was in Bry sur Marne, for the French readers). I won't give her name. She's since deceased from cancer.

I couldn't understand at that time how an ashram premie could have mental problems. That was beyond my understanding, I had a feeling that something was wrong in paradise - maybe that was one of my first drips. But I was a full time employee of DLM at that time, and I felt it was my responsibility to take care of her. Nobody else would do anything for her, even discuss the issue ! I used to take her back and forth to the hospital where we was getting treatment. I don't remember all the details, but I was the only one taking care of her.

She finally left the ashram and moved back to her family. Someone managed to convince her that the ashram was not the right place for her.


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