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Posted by: Thorin
02/27/2003, 14:51:00


Maharaji has never done anything for anybody.

Geez Roger, this sentence of yours reminds me of a big big drip that occurred to me in the late 70's. A drip I did not follow up as I was so entrenched in cult thinking, so engaged in worshipping the supreme incarnation of the lord (not!), so befuddled by my own dreams interacting with those of Rawat and his followers. So caught up believing that "that experience" was the be all and end all.

A friend became seriously ill and was not expected to live for long. She had been a premie who had done so so much for Maharaji, had lived in one of his ashram's, was on the outer fringes of Rotwat's "inner circle" at times, loved Maharaji with all of her heart, was genuinely a sincere follower of Maharaji. Someone who really believed that Maharaji was there for her, that Maharaji was her one true friend. Someone that Maharaji actually knew.

When she became ill and realised she did not have long to live she so desperately wanted some words, some thoughts, some blessing, anything from Maharaji. So a message was sent to Maharaji via people that were in touch with Maharaji and messages came back that her wish had been given to Maharaji. She waited - nothing!

As luck would have it a program was held in London shortly thereafter, before she died, which Maharaji was attending. In this program Maharaji, after his speech opened up for a question and answer session. After a few of the usual "questions" (e.g. Gee Maharaji I love you so much, thank you for this gift - blah blah) someone got up, a friend, and mentioned to Maharaji about the dying premie and asked Maharaji if he could send her some thoughts, blessings etc. Maharaji said, yes he had heard about this and if her contact details were left with the organisers of that particular program he will do as requested. This was duly done and - we waited.

I can't quite remember the timing but the premie did pass on - about 2-3 months after this program. Nothing was ever received, no message, no blessing, no acknowledgement (except the one made at the program) - absolutely nothing! Sweet FA.

Absolutely disgraceful. What cold and callous behaviour on the part of Mr Prem Pal Singh Rawat - absolutely no excuse. It is painful remembering this episode. I should really have woken up then.

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