Ex-premie Inner Circles - I want in!!!
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Posted by: JHB
02/27/2003, 14:43:35

Look, I was a biggish donor to EV/DLM. I paid 800 pounds for me and my wife to have good seats at Wembley. When my wife died I gave 1000 pounds. I gave 100 pounds a months for years by standing order. But I never got invited to a big donor conference.

Then I become an ex-premie. I did my time as a regular poster. I helped FA the forum, then became the chief FA, and then took over as webmaster of EPO.

And still, in spite of all this service, I still haven't been invited to the inner circle of ex-premies. Not even the unfashionable outer ring of the inner circle. What am I doing wrong? Is it my aftershave? The pompous way I write? What is it?

John the feeling left out again.

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