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Posted by: Deputy Dog ®
02/27/2003, 17:27:49


Koeeaddi, you say,

It is impossible to separate spirituality from action. As long as you live a separated life, you will experience separation and death neurosis. It can not be avoided. We are in a time of unbelievable evil. Throwing a sheet over your head (literally or figuratively) is an abomination.

If you create polarisation in your zeal to destroy evil people you might create more evil people. It turns into some kind of biker war or the Hatfields and the McCoys. You get a vicious circle going. With meditation you can cut through the polarisation. IMO spirituality contributes to political effectiveness. "Good people" have been trying to stamp out "bad people" for thousands of years. And it works great doesn’t it? Pick up a history book. The man who kills his neighbour always believes in good and evil . . . his own good and his neighbour’s evil.

Have you ever heard M talk about taking any action to help anybody? It seems outside of his scope of his consciousness.

You mean like giving them welfare?

The idea of your own private spiritual, beautiful inner experience is an anomaly.

Really? You should take that up with Jesus or Buddha.

The thirst for crazy freedom is still there. But at fifty, the need for righteousness and humanity becomes the paramount issues of being in a body. Irrespective of any of the many valid criticisms levelled against M here, the problem for me is that he does not address these needs in a fundamental way. The spiritual and philosophical cornerstone is out of place.

IMO we need more angry, self-righteous people in this world, like we need a hole in the head.

Many premies have posted here, "it’s just about that inner experience," is too weak for words. I need roaring like a lion, not timid like a mouse. Peace to you all.

Yeah right! As I said in a previous post, every time you struggle against something you re-enforce its reality. We will have peace in this world only when we have people at peace with themselves.

IMO people who are in tune with: God, Dharma, their true selves, spirit, the Way, the Tao, soul, the harmony of the universe, etc. are the ones who will take the appropriate action.

Dep (giving satsang since 1975 and who never once claimed to be God)

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