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02/28/2003, 01:42:28


Hi koeeaddi,

I personally donít believe that Jesus was the ultimate rabble-rouser or revolutionary. He said quite clearly that His kingdom was not of this world. Judas was the one into politics.

Yeah, Jesus said, "blessed are the peace makers," meaning, those who make peace. And how do you make peace? By beating up people you donít like, or by actually being peaceful, by actually being centred and connected inside. IMO we carry heaven and hell with us.

You believe that separating spirituality from the suffering in this world is an abomination. Well I believe that life has in it an element of suffering and that people who are not spiritual will suffer even more. Jesus said, "Lay not up your treasures where moth and rust does corrupt and thieves break in." Buddha said, "The cause of suffering is craving." I don't think getting more stuff makes us happy!

If you want to risk your life for justice go right ahead. What do you think Bin Laden is doing and those other assholes blowing up clubs in Bali?  They would probably tell you that they are risking their lives for justice.

Yeah, people, mostly weak and defenseless, are suffering and dying. And why? You say itís because of the actions of people. I agree! People who are not at peace tend to be alienated and act poorly.

And what is the cost of not resisting the evil-doers? I dunno, peace maybe? Remember, the people you are fighting against think you are evil. If you want to get down in some vicious circle and get a good game going, go right ahead, but leave me out of all that Onward Christian Soldiers bullshit.

You say that Rawatist (and all other) fundamentalism is based on, and perpetuated by the belief that you CANNOT LEARN FROM YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE. Well, we have more information now than ever before. Letís learn some more stuff!!!! 

And wow, with all our experience we are doing great arenít we?

I am definitely no defender of Mr. Rawat and his lifestyle. I do believe, however, that the people who practice Knowledge or who do other meditations or spiritual practices are the true peacemakers on the real front lines.

Fire canít burn itself, and the truth is, you are the fire.


I know that what Iíve written here is going to drive most of you people apeshit.  I feel I have to speak out anyway.

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