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02/28/2003, 05:53:41



I never respond to your posts because I generally agree with you.

IMO Western Europe is now pretty much at peace because the dynamics of the world have changed. As the world is a much smaller place and because the technology of war has changed, so have the demographics. My theories will always be totally relevant because people populate countries. Individuals! If you want a green tree, each leaf must be green.

And donít worry about future wars, horror and destruction. I believe records were made to be broken.

The Indian subcontinent has seen some violence but that has usually been religious not spiritual. Not caused by people tuned in to their higher power. Always caused by bozos saying, "My God has got a bigger dick than your God."

Passive resistance is fine in my book. Iím not suggestion we all get a lobotomy. Sure, stand up and say this is wrong, as you are doing in your small way with Rawat. By all means tell it like it is. And recognise at the same time that meditation helps people to mellow out. Iíve experienced it myself!

This is not an interesting belief system or philosophy! When I sit down and practice Knowledge, or Vipassana or do a mantra, I am always a much more peaceful person than when I started. No longer caught up in my soap opera, I experience silence and stillness. My mind is less active. I let go and let God. I feel safer, smarter, better, more like myself. The Spirit has always been a great civilising force.

And donít you think itís ironic that here I am defending spirituality to people who have received Knowledge.

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