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Posted by: JHB
02/28/2003, 03:12:32

Your belief system doesn't drive me apeshit, but there's absolutely no evidence that it works either. Take Western Europe, a scene of major conflict for centuries, but now pretty much at peace. It seems we have learnt, through great trials and many errors, that war between ourselves does not work. For example, it's inconceivable now that differences of opinion between Britain, France, Spain and Germany would result in war between these countries. Your theories are totally irrelevant in these countries reaching this state.

Where have your theories been tried? To be fair probably nowhere, but the Indian subcontinent appears to be the home of meditation as a route to peace. The only extended period of peace there was the British Raj, not that I'm a fan of colonialism. Since the British left, there are centuries old unresolved tensions waiting to erupt. The same process that happened in Western Europe appears to be happening between the conflicting groups there, and hopefully the lessons will be understood before any further major confict.

A philosphy that is clearly different to yours, but which also involves peaceful methods, is passive resistance. This philosophy says that there are recognisable wrongs, and to remove them requires non-violent conflict. I don't think that's what you advocate, is it? But it has proved successful in many parts of the world. The point is that it requires standing up and saying this is wrong, as we are doing in our small way with Rawat.

You never respond to my posts for some reason, but maybe someone will appreciate this one.


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