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Posted by: Samady
02/27/2003, 20:32:39



It was a pleasure to read your post, too, especially the paragraph that goes:

"The values that are actually needed, which are beyond Rawat's power and his own experience, are such things as openness, honesty, full-disclosure, obeying the laws, earning an honest living, being self-supporting, offering your services to the needs of society, helping the less fortunate, making peace, making strong commitments to family and friends, offering love and inspiration, being available and relatable to all cultures, promoting the health of the planet, bringing people together in love, overcoming the boundaries of cultish thinking and religious intolerance, affirming life as we know it, finding wholeness in the individual by an acceptance of the dual nature of man - both mind and heart, and all such other values that could be listed here."  -Will

Well said.  There is something that may be hindering people from speaking or living their true feelings about Maharaji.  I remember at Hans Jayanti, I think it was 1979 in Kissimmee, Florida.  It was afternoon on a beautiful sunny day and I was sitting on the grass just listening.  He was going on and on, and suddenly he said something about being able to just 'blow on the world' and it would go away.  At the time, I had no doubt that he could do that and fear mixed in with love after that and until I finally decided that I did not believe it anymore, which was not that long ago.  I also know from reading here that he was getting loaded on a variety of things at the time and that might explain some of the weird energy.

Some premies may be in subconscious or even conscious fear of his alleged omnipotence from years of programming.  I do not see much in posts about this, but threats of varying veiledness were definitely a part of his presentation, and I for one will attest to their destructive power.

If his omnipotence is as strong as his omniscience, and he did not even know (he claims) that Jagdeo was sick, then how powerful could he be? But this takes time to get over.  Each person has their own timetable.


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