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Posted by: Cynthia
02/27/2003, 22:08:28


You said this:

"Some premies may be in subconscious or even conscious fear of his alleged omnipotence from years of programming. I do not
see much in posts about this, but threats of varying veiledness
were definitely a part of his presentation, and I for one will attest to their destructive power.

This is absolutely the case, and it has been discussed in the past, maybe it's a good time to bring up the subject again. I hung onto the fear of leaving him both subconsciously and consciously for years and years, even when I wasn't practicing.

That HJ '79 afternoon satsang has been discussed here as being particularly volatile and frightening to many premies. I remember how beautiful that day was too. I remember sitting there crying my eyes out after he left the stage because I didn't know what more I could possibly give to him that I wasn't already giving to him. He told us we were worthless without him. He told us we didn't even have the right to look at him or listen to him. He said we didn't deserve him. (sigh)

You have been making some incredibly good posts here, thanks.


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