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Posted by: Will
02/04/2003, 18:36:57

Thanks, everyone.

If there is a thread that premies should read, it's this one.

I have one premie friend who hashes this all out with me. He only asks that I don't quote him here. The difference between us now is Maharaji as Master, yes, but more so for us I think it is about enlightenment which I no longer am trying or even wishing to accomplish and which he still believes in.

The desire to know more is inherent and to give up on some ideal of higher consciousness would seem like a failure to some people. There are various degrees of enlightenment seekers in our ranks, on both sides of the fence.

However, it seems obvious to me that we should be able to have different viewpoints about all the mysteries of life and still honor each other. It is a great failing to lose a friend. But this last statement is something that will never cross Prem Rawat's lips. And those who pledge their allegiance to Prem Rawat will devalue friendship to some extent. I think this is perhaps Prem Rawat's greatest failing.

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