Thanks, Will...
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Posted by: Cynthia
02/05/2003, 00:28:48

Hi Will,

"However, it seems obvious to me that we should be able to have different viewpoints about all the mysteries of life and still honor each other."

Thanks, I needed to hear that.

One thing I learn here (again and again) is to respect others even when I become antagonistic, cranky, obnoxious, and bossy. (Well, I'll probably always be bossy, always have been, it's one of my traits)

When I was practicing the Northeast Woods Indian religion several years ago I found it to be a religion that made the most sense to me, at the time anyway. They couldn't explain everything about Life and didn't try to. They worshipped the Great Spirit, the Earth and Sky, but acknowledged those things not known as the "Great Mystery." I liked that a lot. Also respect for others was paramount.


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