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Posted by: Bai Ji Kali
02/05/2003, 08:51:16


How succinctly you place the convoluted feelings we experience/ed due to rawats' direction.

Down below, you said...

"I see my friend as quite a loose cannon.

 I am always telling him that the way he talks about Knowledge and Rawat would actually not sit well with the powers that be and I ask him how he feels about that.

 It clearly suits some people to have their own 'individual' perspective and to not get too committed or involved with the beaurocracy.

When they do, they get burned because they see that the mess comes from the top down."

You know, this is also, an observation of mine.

When I would return to my community, I did not want to dis-illusion my close, premie friends, with the discrepancy I experienced around m.

The majority of premies Never see or know first hand what goes on and so the myth continues, for those of us who have close contact, olympic gymnastics are involved once you dare to entertain the "Drips" (thanks Anth) that have been building from m's beloved Aquifer.

The unspoken pressure to conform to the direct observance of "Confidentiality" and the psychological implications of being invited into the Inner Sanctum, work their brainwashing spells well.

Any premie who acts off their own bat is considered Bongo, though this is never openly stated.

Only compliant automated parrots are permitted to continue their "Service"

Torn Alliegiences, Conflicting Emotions, Broken Hearts, Broken Lives.

I could write a book if i weren't in Locked Psychiatric Ward 4 of  The Royal North Shore Hospital.


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