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Posted by: Beverly
02/05/2003, 18:45:32

One thing I have noticed is that once you exit "m's" world and open your is hard to continue to relate to premies. I was living with one for 5 years and engaged to be married but this wall between us became too great and we spilt up. When one person feels "m" is god and another a con-man, it is hard to relate. "m" became the forbidden subject. The biggest thing in his life became my biggest thorn. Brainwashed verbage and stale lines of rhetoric replaced thoughtful discussion and curiousity. It is sad because he is a wonderful man and caught up in "m's" twisted web. He claims he doesn't have beliefs and yet the whole "m" scenario is set up on a rigid belief system. I am glad this website existed to help me see behind the pre-recorded tapes I had watched and staged events I had attended although my ex-fiance would not visit this site and expose himself to what he feels are a bunch of angry ex-premies.

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