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Posted by: dant
04/22/2003, 19:01:31

I know your post will be pounced upon and ripped apart piece my piece by other people. It is easy to do, but I will leave it to others.

I only want to say that your broad-based generalizations are extremely insensitive and offensive, yes even "hurtful" to use your own words, to the thousands of people who don't fit into your neat paradigms.

I can speak for myself as someone who was constantly indoctrinated with lord and devotee stories to create the perfect master mythos in my brain which definitely was the reason I moved into the ashram and no other. The ashram was never a spiritual place for me. I spent my entire time there raising money for M and his various projects. I am personally resonsible for enriching him with at least $50000 in the few years I spent there. I had very little time to meditate and the environment was more like a lunatic asylum rather than a spiritual center.

Neither I nor any of the people whom I asociated with were "haunted and depressed". Many people I know dropped out of college or left their careers cut short. I was fortunate to be able to get my degree afterwards.

I felt VERY threatened about the prospect of leaving the ashram, and this fear prevented me from leaving for some time, although I wanted to. This fear was promoted directly by things M said as well as from his chosen representatives. The sentence you recite is comparatively innocuous.

The smug self-convinced tone belying your feigned openness is especially offensive when one considers the many people who have been deeply injured physically and mentally through their involvement. Do you think they are all lying? This reveals your true inability to feel empathy for anyone who doesn't maintain your belief system. Where is the "compassion and sensitivity" you speak about? Your practice of K has apparently rather made you callous, cold-hearted and self-centered -- just like your Guru. Or were you always like that? But I know I am wasting my words... Enjoy your steaks.

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