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Posted by: gerry
04/22/2003, 19:14:08

Yes, it's our old pal Quoll, probably a retread who now has a new anonymous name. The Quoll is also very high on that goofy "one-reality" website which posts pictures of ex-premies and does hatchet jobs on them similiar to the old "defunct" CAC sites. In fact, Quoll may very well be one of the authors of that site.

Disputes between total strangers do not generally get this acrimonious.

Welll I guess you're a newbie to the internet, then. I've seen BB's so wild they make your Catbox forum look tame in comparison. Plus, try as you like to smear this forum with your stinky broad brush, there's very little acrimony here.

A lot of the time I have no idea what you are all talking about, as the initials and nicknames and references to illegal cyber-behaviour and acronymic, defunct websites mean nothing to me.

This is probably bullshit. This guy's demonstrated great familiarity with the whole debate and is well versed in its history. I've read many of "its" posts on their little pig sty forums.

Yeah, come to think of it, I'm pretty sure this the vermin is at least partially responsible for the "one-reality" wanker website. At the very minimum, he's a supporter and promoter of that libelous stink pit.

Just another brainwashed cult droid who wants to take a few nasty swipes at ex members. Very reminiscent of CAC and Scientology. His "arguments" aren't worth the paper they aren't printed on...

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