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Posted by: fluster
04/22/2003, 22:10:17


It's a shame to lose somebody with strong convictions, no matter which side of the fence they sit.  If you feel personally attacked, and upset by what you read, then it might be for the best if you say farewell. On the other hand, if you really believe in something, defending it ought to come easily.

My spouse is a premie, and we often get into heated debates.  My concern is that ultimately, she defers her opinions to those of Maharaji.  She says, "I don't have the answers. Watch the videos and your questions will be answered." Her dogmatic approach instills the belief that everyone can have a direct connection with Maharaji, which might be positive, if one believes in the infallibility of your leader. On the other hand, the lack of devotees who are willing to or capable of defending Maharaji seem non-existant, giving merit to the pyramidal structure of the organization, and therefore, its cult-like aspect.

 If more people like you were willing to stick around and defend your leader, Mahahraji might be reinterpreted in a more balanced light. But, in passing up the opportunity, you shroud your leader behind the curtain of irreproachability, and hence in a position predicating his own guilt. If you honestly believe what you write, either defend yourself and your "Master," or request that he personally respond to the numerous allegations against him.  Your silence only hurts you.

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