premies: incarcerated in their minds
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Posted by: LJT
04/23/2003, 03:03:56


I guess the irony of the premie world is that they are incarcerated in their minds: the mind which obeys Rawat out of fear and assumed protection and eventual liberation. Rawatism is a mindset, it is a religious belief system which attempts to answer an individual's most absolutist questions, whilst at the same time denying that it is doing this.

The problem is is that they are attached to the chains of this charade, afraid that if they leave their soul will be lost in the abyss. Fear not premie life is much better without the one who possesses you and moulds your mind into his delusion. How many premies have left this world only to realise that their dreams of heavenly riches did not come true. All is not over till the fat man sings.

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