Quoll, you left some things out
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Posted by: Samady
04/23/2003, 03:27:39



You left out one of the biggest things from my perspective.  He claimed to be omniscient, yet one of his oldest instructors who had been with him almost the longest turned out to have been messing with premie kids on at least three continents over a period of years, and there are numerous documented reports that the word was passed up the line to him about it and that he had acknowledged that he was aware of it, only to have Jagdeo be at subsequent programs in the front and still travelling.   It came out on EPO some years ago when I was reading and defending him over there, until that came out.  I could deal with the money and some of the other stuff, some of the business dealings.  But when it came to kids being hurt by one of his inner circle (mahatma) who answered only to him, and he did not pick up on this guy's problem and act on it immediately, then I question his sight and how omni his science really is.  If I had to name one main reason I no longer follow him this would be it.  The people who it happened to remember...nobody else seems to remember a thing, not the instructors who were told, not Rawat, not EV, not anybody.  Yet people were told.  Your comments?  If you need more information about this, check the EPO archives or ask the FA for where to look specifically.


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