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Posted by: Will
04/23/2003, 19:29:59


I have decided to accept your invitation. I will be visiting you after the Sept. Amaroo program, provided Mr. Rawat does not declare bankruptcy by then. Do you live near the Amaroo facilities? Please send me your details.

I will be bringing my super-duper-premie-belief-smasher with me. I will hook you up to it and it will cure you in a matter of days, if not hours.

I hope you will appreciate my efforts, because I will be incurring significant personal expense to carry out my plans. The SDPBS is quite large and heavy and its transport is no small undertaking.

When the SDPBS process is complete, the premie-spirit inside you will pop out and you will be able to see it for the first time. It's not too pretty. It's pale and transparent, quite small, with wide eyes, cross-eyed, and needy little hands that keep grasping and twitching. The thumbs are huge, the tongue over-long, the head is bloated with an overload of concepts, the heart is narrow, the lungs are overworked, and there are no feet at all. It adorns itself with jewelry/chains and smiles all the time, always looking in the mirror to be sure that it is breathing and smiling.

Once this hideous creature is expelled from your mind/body/heart/spirit, you will rediscover your real, original, unified nature. You will be able to think and talk in normal human language, love wider and more freely, and walk on your own two feet again, a real pleasure.

As I said, I can guarantee results, but not how long the process might take. The only requirement is that you stay hooked up to the SDPBS machine long enough to expell the premie-spirit. Its talons may be deeply embedded in your mind/body/heart/spirit, or they may already be melting to some extent. It's hard to say from your posts so far.

The fact that you think you operate as a premie without a belief system is a very bad sign. And the fact that you say "Knowledge works" for you, with no qualifications, is equally troublesome. The fact that you say you remove yourself from the nourishment of the outside world is another reason to suspect a difficult extraction. The fact that you seem to ignore most of the 14 objections is cause for further concern. However, the fact that you recognize Mr. Rawat's literary limitations is a very very good sign, so don't despair!

There is always hope. I know of one case where the premie-spirit had metastasized to the bones, yet my patient was able to literally spit it right out of his mouth after just three months of SDPBS therapy. Boy, you should have seen that little spirit, was it ever mad! Before it faded away into thin air (which they always do) it roared like a catweasel! After that, and a little mouthwash, all was fine again.

Good luck and see you in September!

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