May I interject, Quoll? Whereto all this reasonableness?
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Posted by: Jim
04/24/2003, 02:02:08


I started a discussion with Lewis on Cat's lovely forum but I wasn't allowed to post there and he won't post here so we ended up nowhere.  You're here now, though, and I wonder if I couldn't engage you a bit myself.

Quoll, once in a while a premie comes along like yourself who's apparently intelligent, educated and interested in some sort of frank, rational discussion about M.  That's a bit of an exception, quite honestly.  For example, you might not know this but some premies, like Mili or Cat, for instance, have never, in all the years they've posted, indulged us in anything of the sort.  If you can accept a boxing metaphor for limited purposes, they huff and puff and circle the ring, sometimes even jumping in for a fast rabbit punch, but three rounds are too much to ask for and a full 15, where both parties stay committed to a long, thorough debate or discussion are out of the question.  The funniest online premie now is Carlos who's claimed from the start a willingness to so engage, his only problem being that there isn't a single ex sincere enough to take him on.  Oh he'll start the discussion easily enough, such as he has with Annie, bless her soul, on AAA.  But you just watch.  When push comes to shove he'll blame her for something and that'll be that.  But I digress....

My point is that you DO present as someone capable and interested in making a fair and reasonable impression.  You've gotten credit for that from a couple of people.

Anyway, here's my question.  And, yes, it calls for a little speculation on your part but nothing extreme and, in my opinion, reasonable speculation provides just another good arena in the sporting world of fair discussion.  Here's the question:  What do you think a well-educated, well-informed outside person would think of M?  

And then, if you don't mind, a few related questions:

Do you think such a person, having familiarized themself with M's past (i.e. as depicted in the archival material on EPO) would think that he was trustworthy? Why?


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